Match Day set for 12 groups

GREENFIELD — The Hancock County Community Foundation is eagerly preparing for its second Match Day campaign, and the organization’s leaders hope a larger pool of money this time around will make an even bigger impact around the county.

The event, set to take place July 24, is a 24-hour donation drive. Twelve local nonprofits, each dedicated to a different facet of the community, have been selected to participate, said Mary Gibble, community foundation president.

During Match Day, donors can make a donation to any of these groups, and their gift will be boosted by a proportional contribution from the foundation and a 50-cents-on-the-dollar match from the Lilly Endowment, Gibble said.

In 2012, Match Day brought in more than $200,000 from the public, which was increased by $33,000 from the foundation. This year’s matching pool totals $170,000, and Gibble said she’s excited to see what good will come from this year’s campaign.

The attention Match Day brings the nonprofits involved is another great benefit to the fundraiser, Gibble said.

“It’s hard to say what impact (more money) will have, but we saw great success last time,” she said. “We hope and it is our intention to make sure these organizations become well-known through new volunteers and future funding.”

The organizations participating in Match Day are: Bradley United Methodist Church; Families United for Support and Encouragement; Greenfield Parks and Recreation; Hancock County 4-H Agricultural Association; Hancock County Food Pantry; Hancock County Public Library; Hancock County Senior Services; Hancock Hope House; Leaders in Navigating Knowledge; Love INC; Nameless Creek Youth Camp; and Sugar Creek Township Park.

Each participant has an established endowment with the community foundation and had to submit an application detailing the projects and programs Match Day dollars would fund, Gibble said.

Donations on Match Day will benefit the nonprofits’ operation and sustainable needs, said Kara Harrison, the community foundation’s investment and grants officer. A $90,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment will match 50 cents for every dollar donated on Match Day up to $7,500.

That means participants need to raise at least $15,000 to receive all the Lilly Endowment matching funding available.

Those funds go to the nonprofits’ operating endowment with the community foundation, Harrison said.

Additionally, the community foundation will use $80,000 of its own funds to make a contribution to each organization. That match will be proportional, based on the percentage each organization brought in of the Match Day fundraising total. Match Day grants from the community foundation will be used for each group’s immediate needs, Harrison said.

If 100 or more people make a donation to a participating nonprofit, the community foundation will chip in an additional $250.

Donations can be made on the community foundation’s website, The foundation’s headquarters, 312 E. Main St. in Greenfield, will be open 24 hours on Match Day for those interested in making a donation in person.

Members of Bradley United Methodist Church in Greenfield hope Match Day will bring much-needed attention to their endowment.

Parishioner Don Erwin said money donated to the church via the community foundation is divided annually among church missions, building improvements and the addition of new programs. Contributions to the endowment have leveled off, he said, and the church hopes Match Day will jump-start them again.

“We’re not looking for large dollar donations; we’re looking to spread the word about our mission,” Erwin said. “A lot of longtime residents know about Bradley, but so many people moving into the county don’t know we are here. We are hoping this would be a way to spread our name around town.”

At the conclusion of the last Match Day, conducted in 2012, $233,000 was granted to Hancock County nonprofits. That year, the Hancock County Food Pantry made a good showing, bringing in almost $23,000, organizers said.

Tom Ferguson, president of the board of directors at the pantry, hopes the charity will have the same success this year. He, too, hopes the 2015 Match Day will bring attention to the group’s endowment with the foundation.

“It’s like raising your pension: You’re building for the future,” Ferguson said.

More Inside

The Daily Reporter will feature additional information on each Match Day recipient until the fundraiser on July 24. Coverage starts today on page AX.

Participating nonprofits

The organizations participating in Match Day are as follows:

  • Bradley United Methodist Church
  • Families United for Support and Encouragement
  • Greenfield Parks and Recreation
  • Hancock County 4-H Agricultural Association
  • Hancock County Food Pantry
  • Hancock County Public Library
  • Hancock County Senior Services
  • Hancock Hope House
  • Leaders in Navigating Knowledge
  • Love INC
  • Nameless Creek Youth Camp
  • Sugar Creek Township Park.
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