Displays shows off teachers’ talents

I recently dropped by the Creative Arts and Event Center on the northwest corner of State and Main streets (2 W. Main) in downtown Greenfield to see this year’s exhibition of Teachers as Artists.

The first thing I noticed was that the first-floor gallery space doubles as a dining room for SoupHerb.

Perusing the art during lunch rush, therefore, is not advised, but if you are there to eat, the artwork lends a refined atmosphere to the meal.

The works themselves are varied in style, mostly two-dimensional art hangings (paintings or prints). Pleasant country scenes share space with more abstract works. All are equally well-lit.

The 18 artists represented are present or retired educators from across the state. Local contributors include exhibit founder Sandy Hall of Greenfield, Barbara Henrikson Andrews of McCordsville and New Palestine High School art teachers Clyde Gaw and Nicole Gardner.

Among the most intriguing pieces are a pair of heavy 3-D collages by Gardner. Their boxlike frames hold layered contents inviting interpretation by the viewer. Also fascinating are two body forms by Kevin Rose Schultz of Floyds Knobs, like frozen silhouettes of a female torso made with various materials.

The overall quality of the exhibition is quite good — as far as my subjective sense can determine — and while a couple of images might be challenging, there is no need to cover young eyes.

Gallery spaces such as this have become a welcome enhancement to downtown, and with free admission and parking, an excellent value as they only cost you a little time — unless you wish to buy a piece available for sale.

The exhibit runs through April 24 and will be open to 9 p.m. this Friday (for downtown Greenfield’s Second Friday).