GREENFIELD — It’s possible for adults who celebrate Easter to find their minds drifting — to music rehearsals, to festive outfits (theirs or the kids’), to a ham or to any of the other preparations people might make before the Christian faith’s holiest day.

So the Daily Reporter sought out some children for a simple chat.

We went to a meeting of AWANA, a ministry to children in which youngsters learn about Jesus and other Bible stories along with a side helping of good-natured games. We stopped by a recent AWANA meeting at Bethel Baptist Church to hear the Easter story told in the words of some of Hancock County’s youngest worshipers.

Why do you think people wear cross necklaces?

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“Maybe they want to show they are Christians and they know God … those kinds of things.” — Colton McFatridge, 9

“Because they might be Christians, and they want to praise God.” — Audrey Jaeck, 7

Tell something you remember about the Easter story.

“Jesus was praying in a garden. He took some of his disciples with him, but they fell asleep. … (Judas) was giving out his hideout … He got paid 30 pieces of silver for ratting him out. … (Before Jesus was killed) they took, like, a whip and put bones and glass and broken nails on it.” — Alaina Ankney, 11

“For younger kids, 5 and 6, they think about the Easter Bunny … (but) Jesus was sent to the tomb, and he rose on the third day.” — Colton McFatridge, 9

“He died for our sins.” — Gabe Miller, 6

What happened next?

“He rose again.” — Audrey Jaeck, 7

“Three days later, he rose up from his grave. (The angel said) Jesus has risen and not to be afraid.” — Alaina Ankney, 11

The Bible says there was a big rock closing off Jesus’ tomb. What would you do if you had to move a heavy rock?

“By myself? I’d try to do it on my own first. If my friends were there, I’d ask them to help.” — Colton McFatridge, 9

“I would try it myself or try to get somebody who’s really strong.” — Audrey Jaeck, 7

What do you like best about Easter?

“Getting together with family and friends, having a good time, reading the Bible.” — Colton McFatridge, 9

“Getting to read the Bible and spend time with family and friends.” — Audrey Jaeck, 7

“My dad and mom, they hide our Easter baskets, and they give us a riddle to solve to find our baskets. (Last year) it was on the rocking chair.” — Alaina Ankney, 11

“Trying to find where the eggs are, and I like the colors of the eggs.” — Gabe Miller, 6

Is there a secret to being a good egg hunter?

“Yeah. Wherever he (the Easter Bunny) hides them, I can see them peeking out. My brothers and sisters get mad.”— Gabe Miller, 6

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