Prosecutor dropped ball in drug cases

To the editor:

Something seems to not smell right with that many charges being dismissed at one time (“More cases dismissed,” A1, Feb. 3).

Mr. Eaton only had a conflict of interest with one defendant, so why did he hand over the entire case to a special prosecutor? The defendants had separate trials, so why didn’t Mr. Eaton proceed with the other cases in January?

In a earlier article that you did on Mr. Eaton, he said he had been working for some time on getting himself familiar with the office. Would this not include upcoming trials? Especially the biggest drug case on the docket.

Why couldn’t the special prosecutor get a continuance to get up to speed on the cases? I am pretty sure that has been done before.

Finally, in the transfer-of-power process, was there not some sort of calendar grid done to show Mr. Eaton what was coming up and when? I am inclined to believe Mr. Griffin at this point, that Mr. Eaton dropped the ball, big time.

Rick Lister