Three things to know about Vectren gas line replacement

GREENFIELD ― Vectren Energy Delivery is replacing gas mains and service lines throughout Greenfield this year. The project started in January but is ongoing, affecting multiple streets.

It’s part of a bigger, statewide project to replace bare steel and cast iron pipeline infrastructure. Here, $900,000 goes toward retiring more than two miles of gas line and more than 100 service lines in 2015.

The multiyear project aims to replace a total of 19 miles of gas line in Greenfield during the next several years.

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening locally and how it might affect you:

1. What streets are affected by the project?

Streets affected during this phase of the project are: Polk, Madison, Jefferson and West Main streets; Dewey Avenue; Garfield, Stutsman and Winfield drives; and Thompson Road. To view maps of all areas in Greenfield where construction will take place this year, visit

2. What are crews doing?

In most cases, a plastic system is being installed to replace the current bare steel and cast iron gas pipeline system. The gas main, often located underneath the street or sidewalk, is being replaced in the right of way, and service lines running to homes and businesses will be replaced. As the project is completed, affected yards, sidewalks and streets will be restored.

3. How will I know if my service line is being replaced?

About 120 Vectren customers will have service lines replaced during this year’s phase. Before the service line being replaced, a Vectren employee will contact customers to provide information on the project.

Compiled by Samm Quinn

Source: Vectren Energy Delivery

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