Hope for Living: God offers rest, every time, instead of my striving


“For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.”

— Jeremiah 31:25

I don’t always have a heavy load, but sometimes I do. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the path in front of me. Sometimes I just don’t know the answer. Sometimes I feel like I simply am going to fail.

Jesus said, “Come unto me all you that are labor and are weary and heavy laden, I will give you rest.” Not sometimes, but every time. I need to never have a sometimes, because it should be every time that I try to even take a step in the right direction I do it under the strength (grace) and the leadership (faith) of the Holy Spirit. It is the only place of rest.

This very morning as I sought God’s face and desire for the day, I felt ill-equipped to do what I had already planned to do. I can do things and make plans and even go forward with them. I don’t even need faith to do that; I have been doing this long enough to get somewhere in that way … but it is not The Way.

This morning as I sought and listened, God’s Spirit overwhelmed me with things that I remembered, that He has done through His Word in my life and that I have witnessed in others … and so, my plans are forsaken as His Word is sought!

Thank You, Jesus!

Larry Hof is pastor of Faith Baptist Church north of Greenfield. This weekly column is written by local clergy members.