WARM & COZY: Igloos offer unique experience at local establishments


HANCOCK COUNTY — An igloo recently popped up outside Griggsby’s Station in downtown Greenfield.

Another eight igloos are situated outside Daniel’s Vineyard in McCordsville.

It seems outdoor igloos are all the rage at breweries and wineries throughout the Midwest and along the upper East Coast, and Hancock County is on trend.

With enough space to seat six to eight people, the polyvinyl domes are marketed as the ideal way to enjoy a winter’s evening outdoors while staying warm and cozy inside.

Angie Reed, director of operations at Griggsby’s, thought an igloo would be a great way to utilize an outdoor space right outside the gastropub.

“We’ve got twinkly lights and a portable heater inside and it’s very airtight, so staying warm isn’t an issue,” she said shortly after the igloo was set up on Sunday, Jan. 22.

The igloo is already booked for dates starting Valentine’s Day and beyond, but Reed’s hoping more people will make reservations as word gets out about the unique drinking and dining destination.

The cost to book a two-hour igloo experience at Griggsby’s is $40, with a maximum of six people.

“It’s great for a romantic date night or a girls night out,” said Reed. “If you split the cost between six people, it really doesn’t add much to your tab.”

At Daniel’s Vineyard, a two-hour igloo experience for up to eight people costs $40 on Wednesdays and Thursdays and $75 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

“People really seem to love them,” said the winery’s general manager, Jessica Pontius.

According to the winery’s website, “Our igloos are heated and spacious, perfect for a gathering with family or friends during a cold or snowy night.”

Pontius said the igloos have given customers a fun way to experience the vineyard in the winter months. Each one has enough seating for eight, with one and two-person seats arranged around a small table at the center. Each igloo also has twinkling lights, a space heater and blankets to keep guests warm.

While she hasn’t seen the igloos at Daniel’s, Reed pitched the idea of buying an igloo for Griggsby’s to the gastropub’s owners — Chris and Amy Baggott — after seeing the transparent domes at other establishments like Urban Vines in Westfield.

Chris Baggott told her to run with the idea, and the igloo — purchased on Amazon — was soon in place.

“I definitely think it’s a little bit of novelty that will bring more people downtown because people are always looking for something different, and this gives them a way to beat the winter doldrums,” he said.

“It’s also good from a business standpoint in that it gives us that much more seating. We have a small space which we love, but we’re full most weekends, and this extra space provides customers with a fun way to get out and have an intimate experience with friends.”


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