Life lessons: Longtime 4-H leader says program teaches more than just livestock


Kathi Riggs teaches first-year cake decorating 4-Her Blake Youngclaus.

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Editor’s note: The Daily Reporter frequently features our neighbors – people in the community with hobbies and passions that help make Hancock County thrive. Here, Kathi Riggs of Morristown shares about 4-H, of which she has been a leader for 44 years and also was a 10-year 4-Her herself. Riggs is the cake decorating superintendent and leads the Blue River Guys & Gals 4-H Club.

Daily Reporter: What do you enjoy about 4-H?

Kathi Riggs: I enjoy helping young 4-Hers learn how to decorate cakes and most of all, I enjoy watching my grandkids participate in 4-H.

DR: What do you hope to instill in kids and teens in the program?

KR: I hope to show them that they can do anything they put their minds to. I want to instill in them that there are opportunities for everyone in 4-H. It is not just about livestock, there are many other educational and fun projects that can be beneficial as they become adults.

DR: Is this a family affair?

KR: Yes! My mother, Pat Anderson was a leader for years and now my daughter and I lead a club together. My daughters and two of my grandkids were 10-year 4-Hers and I currently have four grandsons in 4-H and one in mini 4-H.

DR: Why should people get involved in 4-H?

KR: It teaches them responsibility and a lot of life lessons. It is also a great way to make friends and meet new people.