Letter to the Editor: Unchecked growth will ruin Hancock County


To the Editor:

Unlimited population growth and development will ruin this county. Elected and appointed officials like to envision a rural community mixed with suburban development, but the plan changes whenever they want to expand. Even the government should know, if you move enough people into a rural area, it’s not rural anymore.

If Hancock County allows hundreds of thousands of densely packed suburban houses to get built here, those houses will someday get old. And when value begins to decline, those who couldn’t afford to live here will be able to. With our notoriously low wage jobs, the small-town atmosphere with small-town crime will not last.

It’s not our fault that Indy won’t limit growth and immigration. Just because other donut counties were annexed into the metro area, doesn’t mean that we have to be. Politicians may have obligated themselves, but there is no moral imperative for anyone else to join the endless suburb. We contribute our share.

To preserve this county, you can’t depend on local elections. The future rests on landowners. Don’t sell us out, it has a ripple effect. It’s a shame to pave over what our ancestors worked and fought for. If you need new reasons to stay, find them. Try native plantings and habitat. Whatever it takes. I don’t want to be the only farmhouse left in the township.

And never mind the overeducated economist mantra of build baby build. Most of those guys consider China to be underpopulated. Their disdain for the natural world is revealing. Growth doesn’t solve problems. They’ve had decades to prove their theories, while much of America is still begging for food. Less is more when it comes to defending the country.

A few token amenities, paid for by others, and a few spared woodlots does not conceal the fact that politicians are packing this county with commuters. Increasing the tax base does not benefit local residents when the money is spent competing, self-aggrandizing, and gifted to developers. Put your foot down on expansion, or enjoy rural Hancock County while it lasts.

Bill Hutchinson



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