Letter to the Editor: Not all Angels are in Heaven


To the Editor:

I would like to thank the good people who support the Hope House. Those who patronize by shopping and donating at the Thrift Store. Those who donate money, food, and their time. A mental illness coupled with bad decisions put me living on the streets. Without my medications, my bad situation worsened. As a productive citizen, I never thought I would someday wander the streets, sleep in the woods, and feel alienated from society. Once in the Hope House, my medications were delivered the very same day by a Veterans Administration Social Worker. Now, I had a safe place to sleep, eat, and shower.

Additionally, the Executive Director Andrea and her staff provided guidance, encouragement, and the tools to rebuild my life. Now, I have a good job, receive counseling from the Wellness Program at The Brandywine Church, and welcomed Jesus Christ into my life. Also, kudos to the American Legion for donating money on my behalf, the Veterans Administration, and the Hancock County Food Pantry. Not all Angels are in Heaven. You will find the hard working ones caring for the less fortunate at the Hope House.

Timothy P. Neeley

The Hope House



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