Bloomberg silliness


To the Editor:

The rosy, pie-in-the-sky pictures by the Bloomberg opinion piece [Aug. 2] on the democrat debacle known now as Inflation Reduction…..a laughable title indeed, is simply absurd. This “act” will increase inflation, as 230 economists have told Sen. Manchin in no uncertain terms. The “savings” and inflationary reduction are, as usual with these massive spending failures, on the “other end” of the time period cited as needed for its completion. As usual, the savings never materialize, inflation gets much worse, and this sorry administration shows once again the pathetic level of incompetence and poor planning we see again and again from the left. Taxes will skyrocket under this bill, even though the seemingly addled prez said repeatedly he would never raise taxes on those under a $400K income. As if these onerous gasoline prices are anything but a massive tax on the middle and working class, who with all the other inflation, can afford them least. The democrats may “hope” to buck the mid-term trend of losing big in November, but that is a dim hope. Polls show the country is ready to send these incometent and misguided leftists packing in record numbers. One has to wonder how anyone in their right mind would vote for a continuation of the current nightmare these far-left socialists have wrought. We will see in the fall, and hopefully sanity will once again return to at least part of the system.

Tim McDowell



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