Marriage licenses


The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

April 1

Grace Troncin, Greenfield, to Caleb Soliday, Greenfield.

Kathryn Barnhorst, Greenfield, to Jake Foster, Greenfield.

Rory Oberle, New Palestine, to Jamie Hiddix, New Palestine.

Zoe Isabella Riggs, Greenfield, to Kyle David Mattix, Knightstown.

Brendon James Crocker, Greenfield, to Megan Diane Linville, Greenfield.

Jessica Graham, Greenfield, to Cody Howell, Greenfield.

Andria Mozal, Greenfield, to Jason Copeland, Greenfield.

April 4

Shaalea T. Davis, McCordsville, to Curtis Williams, McCordsville.

Joshua Ezell Turner, Greenfield, to Erine Marie Hall, Greenfield.

Brenda Mae Denny, Greenfield, to Bruce Landis Orr, New Castle.

April 5

Kathryn Smith, McCordsville, to George Rowley, McCordsville.

Lucky Howell, Greenfield, to Rhea Echevarea Artus, Greenfield.

April 6

Tyler Wilburn, New Palestine, to Anna Kotowski, New Palestine.

Dylan Kyle Finn, McCordsville, to Rachael Alene Neel, McCordsville.


Alexis Thompson, Greenfield, to Blake Wright, Greenfield.

Jonathan Ryan Reed, Greenfield, to Cheyenne Jesa Cooper, Greenfield.

April 11

Brittany Chelsea Marie Hammons, Greenfield, to Scott Edward Hatton Jr. Richmond.

April 12

Kerri Anne Starkel, Indianapolis, to Justin Radley, McCordsville.

Christopher Scott Sanders, Fortville, to Ashley Rebecca Jenkins, Fortville.

April 13

Shawn Frakes, Clarks Hill, to Alicia Nicole Meyer, Greenfield.

Andrew Jacob Bowmer, Fortville, to Rebekah Danielle Kelly, Fortville.

April 15

Mason Scott Roseberry, New Palestine, to Daron Lynn Caldwell, Muncie.

Zachary Lee Murphy, Fortville, to Madeline Eileen Clabaugh, Fortville.

Mark Williams, Indianapolis, to Ashley Goeller, McCordsville.

April 19

Paula J. Wilcher, New Palestine, to Angela M. Roberts, New Palestine.

April 20

Andrew Vincent Wampler, Greenfield, to Flord Daliza Soto Villar, Greenfield.

Israel David Tutrow, Greenfield, to Haylee Elizabeth Davis, Indianapolis.

April 22

Deborah Lorraine Ryan, New Palestine, to Richard Thomas Walker, New Palestine.

Donna Marie Bush, Greenfield, to Marvin Gene Bush, Greenfield.

April 25

Tammara Jean Dimond, New Palestine, to Craig Lee Dimond, New Palestine.

Jeana Delaurentis, Fortville, to Gregory Garner, Fortville.

Samantha Jo Lantz, Greenfield, to Ethan Clay Bailey, Greenfield.

April 26

Victoria Dawn Andrews, New Palestine, to Brandon Thomas Carr, New Palestine.

Shelby Lee Dyer, Wilkinson, to William Paul Flora, Wilkinson.

Amber Austin, Greenfield, to Cyrus Colestock, Greenfield.

Alissa Marie Arnold, Greenfield, to Corey Douglas Smith, Greenfield.

April 27

Allison Binkley, Scottsburg, to Darrin Tennis, Greenfield.

Christine Lorraine Knudsvig, Greenfield, to John Joseph Clodfelter, Indianapolis.

April 28

Gregory Scott Carter, Greenfield, to Victoria Bernice Dalton, Greenfield.

April 29

Taylor Barkley-Rideout, McCordsville, to Connor Stouder, McCordsville.

Dillen Michael Sexton, Greenfield, to Hailey Dawn Blevins, Greenfield.


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