Real Estate Transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 13

Mitford Realty Inc. to Bernice Osei, 5606 N. Plymouth Court, Buck Creek Township, $240,000.

Brian and Amanda Holzhausen to Daniel and Elizabeth Orr, 115 N. Broadway St., Greenfield, $169,000.

Steven and Kimberly Atkinson to Brandon and Kristen Alcorn, 9845 N. Port Drive, McCordsville, $435,111.

DR Horton – Indiana to Barbara and James Mikolajczyk, 3203 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $378,540.

Arbor Homes to Ashley and Nathan O’Donnell, 610 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $302,201.

DR Horton – Indiana to Roger Allen and Kathryn Freeman, 2798 Winding Creek Lane, Greenfield, $200,475.

OP SPE TPA 1 LLC to BNTR SFR Owner LLC, 5851 N. Quincy Drive, Buck Creek Township, $302,500.

Vinod Gupta to Lori Adkins, 851 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $5,000.

Grand Communities Ltd. to Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 5502 Wood Spring Lane, McCordsville, $70,000.

Grand Communities Ltd. to Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 6270 Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $70,000.

Bradford and Brenda Hathaway to Kyle Rhodes, 3743 Fallow Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $263,000.

James Thompson and Dori Davis to Brandon Scott and Shelbie Wildridge, 253 N. Windswept Road, Greenfield, $255,000.

Dec. 14

Ellen Bunch to Timothy Duwayne and Alyssa Brown, 710 Berkley Drive, Fortville, $147,000.

Colton and Cierra Heiniger to Chris Couch, 5465 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $305,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana to Justin and Colleen Benson, 8782 Oakcrest Drive, McCordsville, $408,155.

David and Michelle Bruns to Jason and Sumi Marshall, 3814 S. 400W., Sugar Creek Township, $299,900.

Cathryn Schneider to FKH SFR Propco 1 LP, 6823 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $303,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Alicia and Randy Frost, 3302 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $373,816.

Pulte Homes of Indiana to Darrell and Lisa Miller, 8793 Oakcrest Drive, McCordsville, $423,500.

SFR3-020LLC to Jeremiah Windle, 515 W. Grove St., Greenfield, $177,500.

Anthony and Alyssa Simons to VM Pronto LLC, 6734 W. Philadelphia Drive, Buck Creek Township, $238,000.

Charles and Beverly Reitsma to Nicholas and Emily Osborne, 7659 W. Williamswood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $459,900.

DR Horton – Indiana to Kelly Ferris and John Howard, 6801 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $328,580.

DR Horton – Indiana to Vanity and Jackson Parrish, 6690 Aberdeen Drive, McCordsville, $326,988.

DR Horton – Indiana to Jonathon Dees and Heather Smith, 2018 Downey Lane, Greenfield, $325,000.

Joshua and Katie Mullins to Megan Jaranilla, 250 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $326,000.

Ryan and Lauren Thompson to Mauricio Jaime Navarete, 2055 Modesto Court, Greenfield, $257,000.

Peggy Wade to Gary Halliburton and Janice Inman, 491 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $165,000.

Ronald Adams to Philip Stewart Trust, 19 S. Bittner Road, New Palestine, $285,000.

Dec. 15

Garland and Norma Witsman to R-N-B and Associates, 5883 N. Benjamin Place, Buck Creek Township, $230,000.

Jonathan and Jennifer Milligan to Jeffrey and Amber Copeland, 1960 N. 100W., Center Township, $387,000.

Candice and Alexis Rogers to Mark and Chelsea Wolfred, 10697 N. Meridian Road, Green Township, $615,000.

Stephanie Goss to Seven Points Borrower LLC, 118 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $235,000.

Clayton Properties Group to Alissa Crye and Austin Gwin, 2419 Silver Spoon Drive, Greenfield, $213,818.

Ludmilla Parker to Kelsey and Evan Maxwell, 5597 W. Ind. 234, Vernon Township, $320,000.

Arbor Homes to Yolanda Camille Watson, 1583 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $254,905.

DR Horton – Indiana to Enrimar and Jessica Molina Quiroz, 1682 Crossley St., Fortville, $319,900.

Samuel and Jane Faggetti to Jonathan Wilson, 4398 W. Lookout Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $577,000.

Clarence Alan Laws to Joseph Franklin Nicol and Ingrid Ellers, 163 Punkin Court, Greenfield, $230,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Justin and Kylie Kuhn, 1144 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $246,455.

Walter Ricker to Jebediah and Jennie Walker, 1045 N. 350W., Buck Creek Township, $200,000.


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