GDR makes promotion, welcomes new staffer


Chad Sisk

GREENFIELD — AIM Media’s advertising team at the Greenfield Daily Reporter has promoted one of its staffers and is welcoming a new member.

Chad Sisk has been promoted to senior sales executive, and Alex Hughes recently joined as an account manager.

Sisk has been with the newspaper since 2014, starting in classified sales and circulation before moving to advertising sales.

He’s excited to take on the senior sales executive role.

“I want to market our services and what we can do because we’re not just newspaper advertising,” Sisk said, referring to other services in the company’s digital and printing realms. “I want us to be thought of as a marketing company and not just a newspaper. We have the opportunity and the ability to really do that.”

Sisk enjoys the small-town atmosphere of Greenfield and freedom of working in advertising. He also likes helping businesses with their needs, even if they’re ones outside of AIM Media’s scope.

“I don’t ever want to leave someplace telling someone that I can’t do something,” he said. “We may not do it in-house, but I will find a way to help them, whether it’s do it myself, whether it’s find another vendor, whether it’s calling a friend, or whatever. I want to be a go-to for that business.”

Sisk lives just east of Greenfield with his wife, Kari, and their children, 5-year-old Drew and 3-year-old Kerrigan.

Hughes comes from a long background in printing, mainly large-format graphics like those designed for vehicles, banners and yard signs.

Alex Hughes

While a newcomer to traditional sales, he’s looking forward to bringing his background to his new role, as there’s plenty of crossover with AIM Media’s services.

“That interested me,” Hughes said. “I knew I could jump right into that portion of selling product because I know that stuff backward and forward.”

He’s currently busy establishing relationships with existing clients.

“My top priority is taking care of current customers and their printing needs,” he said.

Hughes lives in Pendleton with his wife, Christi, and two stepchildren. He also has a senior at Purdue University and a senior at Tipton High School.