Feeding a need: Hancock County Food Pantry distributes millions of pounds goods


Editor’s note: The Daily Reporter will feature our “Neighbors” each month, whether it be someone with an interesting hobby or profession, or a nonprofit group making a difference in our community. Here, Tom Ferguson, president of the Hancock County Food Pantry, shares about the organization that was established in 2004. If you know a person or a group that you’d like to see featured in Neighbors, email [email protected]

Name: Hancock County Food Pantry

Contact and donation info: 741 ½ S. Ind. 9, Greenfield. Hancockcountyfoodpantry.com; (317) 468-0273. Food distribution hours and mobile food dates are listed on the website.

Board: Tom Ferguson, Liz Rusche, Robert Thompson, Chris Puls, Howard Green, Susan Goodman, Mike Manning, Johanna Black, Joan Clark and Charla Fout.

Daily Reporter: What is the mission of the Hancock County Food Pantry?

Tom Ferguson: Securing and distributing food to the needy in an effort to alleviate hunger in Hancock County.

DR: Who do you serve?

TF: Residents of Hancock County that are food insecure.

DR: What is the group’s annual budget?

TF: $160,000

DR: What is the food pantry’s biggest challenge?

TF: Consistent food supply and additional building space.

DR: How can someone step up to help?

TF: Volunteer at any of the open food distribution times or stocking times, or through financial support. Visit hancockcountyfoodpantry.com.

DR: How has the pantry made an impact in Hancock County?

TF: The past four years, the Hancock County Food Pantry has distributed over a million pounds of food annually to food insecure Hancock County residents.


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