Real Estate – May 4


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

April 7

Bridgenorth Homes LLC to John and Debra Squire, 3628 S. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $330,770.

Kayla Zapf to FKH SFR PropCo D LP, 955 Braun Drive, Greenfield, $194,400.

Charles A. and Kim M. Rayne to Phillip C. Smith, 7358 Cindy Drive, McCordsville, $230,000.

Matthew J. Wortman and Whitney L. Wortman to Harry L. and Rosemary Lowden, 3414 S. Overlook Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $575,000.

Keith Donley to RD Payne LLC, 409 N. Broadway St., Greenfield, $109,000.

Katie and Brent A. Marks to Progress Indianapolis LLC, 577 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $227,000.

April 8

Velo Indy Properties to Better Rentals LLC, 926–932 Walnut St., Greenfield, $100,000.

Robert M. and Joanne L. Letsinger to Jorge Zarate, West Glendale Lane, Buck Creek Township, $60,000.

Bridgenorth Homes LLC to Kyle W. Byers, 3705 S. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $326,345.

Randall S. and Judy K. Owen to Ellen M. Williams and Shelley L. Swift, 5240 N. Sugar Hills Drive, Greenfield, $370,000.

James E. and Susan L. Cherry to Aaron T. and Susan M. Collins, East County Road 500N, Jackson Township, $400,000.

Eric Allen to Cherie N. and Derek Eilts, 603 Main St., Shirley, $137,400.

Five Stream Ventures LLC to Vivid Vision RE LLC, 507–509 S. Pennsylvania St., Greenfield, $96,500.

Virginia N. Redick to Anthony L. and Lisa J. Schrank, 3352 W. Meadowview Drive, Buck Creek Township, $225,000.

Ellen M. Williams to Steve and Traci Mundell, 910 Miller Court, Greenfield, $407,000.

Daniel J. and Tammy K. Neuenschwander to Jacob R. Neuenschwander, 2175 Meridian Springs Lane, Greenfield, $215,000.

Tonya S. Wright to David W. and Angela M. Evans, 601 Cherry St., Greenfield, $84,000.

Joshua T. Haste to Joshua T. and Julia A. Haste, 8377 E. U.S. Highway 40, $128,000.

Alex and Reagan Graman to Integra Builders LLC, 11505 Hampton Cove Lane, McCordsville, 225,000.

April 9

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 3689 S. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $65,200.

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 4677 W. Lakeway Drive, New Palestine, $65,200.

Terry J. Anderson, Kamie J. Welfl, Mitchell D. Cox, Kari M. Walden, Richard A. Cox, Ross A. Cox and Ryan L. Cox to Norman Hammons, 3510 S. County Road 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $92,500.

Wade A. and Jennifer L. Burrows to James J. and Kathryn J. Livengood, 306 Woodland E. Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $295,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Joliba S. Brogan, 12102 Fall Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $281,230.

Shawn E. Hibbitt II and Shawn E. Hibbitt to J. Trinidad Calderon II and Mallory Deal, 8839 N. Windview Drive, McCordsville, $295,000.

Stone Grove Partners LLC to Silverthorne Homes, 5717 W. County Road 900N, McCordsville, $74,500.

TEXMI LLC to Silverthorne Homes, 6532 W. May Apple Drive, McCordsville, $94,500.

Stone Grove Partners LLC to Silverthorne Homes, 5713 W. County Road 900N, McCordsville, $74,500.

William M. Bean II to Michelle Barger, 3398 N. County Road 50E, Center Township, $165,000.

M&L Wilson LLC to William Eric Group LLC, Morristown Pike, Center Township, $692,056.