Earning college credit in high school saves families and taxpayers millions


Staff Reports

INDIANAPOLIS — More than 60 percent of 2018 high school graduates earned college credit in high school through dual credit or Advanced Placement (AP), with a potential economic impact of almost $160 million annually for students and the State of Indiana. This is according to the Indiana Commission for Higher Education’s 2021 Early College Credit Report.

The report, released every two years, analyzes data and offers recommendations about the state’s early college credit landscape. Key report findings show:

Nearly two-thirds of students earn early college credit.

On average, dual credit students earn a semester of college credit.

More students are earning college credentials in high school.

Dual credit earners are more likely to stay in college and complete on time or early.

The new report emphasizes the need for students, families, educators and counselors to learn more about the numerous college credit options available and to make careful decisions about what courses to take based on students’ goals after high school—whether that’s heading into the workforce, attaining short- or long-term certificates, or enrolling in two- or four-year colleges.

The 2021 Early College Credit Report includes new, expanded data on the Indiana College Core. Key findings show:

Growing numbers of students are earning the Indiana College Core.

Students who earn the Indiana College Core are likely to enroll in college and are successful when they get there.

The Indiana College Core offers significant cost savings for students and families.

Both reports indicate gaps in disparity. To close equity gaps and provide more quality early college credit opportunities for Hoosier students—including the Indiana College Core—the state must ensure more high school teachers have the academic preparation and credentials required to teach dual credit.

Read the full report and other Commission reports at che.in.gov/reports. Explore resources available to help students plan, prepare and pay for college at LearnMoreIndiana.org.