Steve Long: Don’t delay preventive health care


As COVID cases continue, Hoosiers are going back to the basics, and one of the biggest readjustments is reducing time outside the house and around others. However, as Hoosiers continue to work to prevent the spread of germs, many are also delaying important, preventive care.

Nationally, cancer screenings are dropping dramatically. In fact, the American Journal of Managed Care found that breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer screenings dropped by 85% 75% 74% and 56%, respectively in April 2020 — compared with the same period in 2019. In Indiana, we’re seeing similar trends. According to the American Cancer Society, since Jan. 1, 2021, nearly 40 thousand Hoosiers have been diagnosed with cancer.

At Hancock Health, we understand that many aspects of health care have been drastically altered in recent months. Whether it is at one of our facilities or through another health care system, it’s imperative that you resume regular, preventive care. Early detection and treatment are directly correlated to higher rates of cancer survival.

And though the challenge of affordable healthcare is still a barrier for many families, Hancock Health is working to offer immediate, cost-effective solutions to help patients avoid or reduce the price of battling cancer later.

If you’ve delayed preventive care, now’s the time to act. You can visit our website for a wealth of online tools to help determine what your current needs may be. With health assessments and information about various screenings, you’ll be more informed on your current health status and what steps to take next. Some of those steps may include scheduling an exam or appointment for lab work.

With Hancock Health’s newest facilities, Gateway Hancock Health located in Greenfield and Healthway Park located in New Palestine, it’s easier than ever to make an appointment with a health-care provider. With online features like Save Your Spot scheduling, price estimate tools, and global billing, you’ll know what to expect without any surprises. Wherever you seek care, it’s a good idea to schedule these important screenings soon.

While Hancock Health remains “Open for Business,” we’re committed to your safety. Our staff has instituted even more safety procedures to calm your fears about visiting our locations for screenings, lab tests, or elective procedures — and especially, in emergent situations. We are open, and we look forward to taking care of your health.