Real Estate – January 13


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Nov. 20

Northeast Indianapolis Development LLC to Castella J. Turner, 150 Megan Way, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $227,157.

Jeanne E. Cook to Andrea R. Henry, 6842 W. Kingston Drive, Buck Creek Township, $235,000.

Grover T. Sr. and Carol Harvey to MAE View LLC, 629 W. County Road 200N, Center Township, $185,900.

Nov. 23

William and Sue A. Shogren to William and Sue A. Shogren, 8863 N. Fortville Pike, Vernon Township, $277,500.

NK1 LLC to Davis Building Group LLC, 210 Park Creek Lane, Fortville, $60,000.

Jason A. and Sarah J. Bruner to Ruth Brandenburg and Kenny Human, 6387 W. Pin Oak Drive, McCordsville, $476,250.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC to Catherine J. Yeoman, 669 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $218,000.

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 4570 W. Lakeway Drive, New Palestine, $65,200.

Sunrise Lake LLC to Bridgenorth Homes LLC, 3705 S. Meadows Lane, New Palestine. $65,200.

Brooke and Brandon White to Jason and Sarah J. Bruner, 1805 E. County Road 300S, Brandywine Township, $355,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Shaneece C. and Andre S. Crittenden, 12078 Fall Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $267,788.

Thomas and Kristi Covey to Jose A. Flores, 2385 S. Moeller Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $238,000.

D.R. Horton–Indiana LLC to Iridania and Rafael O. Lappot, 2325 Longleaf Lane, Greenfield, $218,900.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LLC to Drew S. and Sarah R. McCall, 5534 W. Woodstock Trail, McCordsville, $366,269.

Robert D. and Mary E. Wenzel to Casey H. and Sally McNealy, 6909 W. Logan Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $280,000.

Ada J. West to Eric W. Molle, 5727 W. County Road 500N, Buck Creek Township, $235,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Jennifer L. Tate, 427 Paymaster Drive, Greenfield, $238,886.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to John W. Shaw, 2580 Fall Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $253,500.

Wilson Familyworks LLC to Dustin W. and Cortney Oakes, 907 Springside Court, Greenfield, $182,000.

Elite Land Development Inc. to NVR Inc. d/b/a Ryan Homes, 2094 N. Noelting Way, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Russell and Meghan Goode to Wendell A. Jr. and Linda M. Davis, 117 Illinois St., Shirley, $17,000.

D.R. Horton–Indiana LLC to Trenton and Erin Day, 327 Thistlewood Drive, Greenfield, $200,000.

Karla J. Sounder to Ruthanne Dillard, 1261 Arlington Drive, Greenfield, $176,000.

Dallas Hall to Daniel G. Dunn, 306 Walnut St., Shirley, $117,500.

Angela R. Brown to Benjamin L. and Alyssa Holliday, 1741 Fair Glen Court, Greenfield, $329,000.

Matthew W. Smith to Cody P. and Lesa M. Sparks, 832 Dream March Drive, Greenfield, $205,000.

Chester D. and Mary E. Cady to Dalton R. Turner, 8622 N. Ricks Drive West, Vernon Township, $224,900.

Eddie L. and Sarah J. Archie to Joshua D. and Sarah C. Wilkerson, 1323 Magnolia Drive, Greenfield, $149,500.

D.R. Horton–Indiana LLC to Lara and Mitchell West, 365 Thistlewood Drive, Greenfield, $202,000.

Courtney Walls to Teronia J. and Darrius Wright, 2470 Apple Tree Lane, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $235,000.

Jeffrey B. and Lavon R. Simpson to Jeffery W. Wagner, 1102 Shale Drive, Fortville, $198,000.