Letter to the editor: Wanted: Diligent candidates to run for office


The the editor:

I entered the race for Hancock County Council at-large in 2016 and was honored to be elected to that post. I have learned so much about the running of the county and met so many dedicated people who are heads of their departments and truly have the best interest of the taxpayers in fulfilling their jobs. They are the people who make you look good in your role as you try to be fiscally responsible in dealing with budget issues.

I would like to encourage others to consider being a part in creating the future of our great country by participating in the decision-making that formulates our forward progress. If you are willing to listen, be open-minded, cooperate with others, not be judgmental and above all be true to yourself and God, then I believe you have the credentials to be a great servant of the people. No matter what position you choose, if you do it to the best of your ability, that is what matters most.

I am so grateful for the time spent thus far on the council, and for all that I have learned in dealing with not just the local government regulations but the state and federal loopholes you are required to go through. I did not accomplish all that I had set out to do, but I learned the meaning of compromise.

The deadline for filing for any office is by noon on Friday, Feb. 7. Think about it. More competition gives the public a better choice. There were actually 11 people vying for the county council at-large seat when I ran in 2016. Now that proved very interesting.

Again, it has been a pleasure serving all of you, and I am always available to hear your concerns.

Martha Vail


Martha Vail is a member of the Hancock County Council. She is not running for re-election.