Canada’s health care system leaves much to be desired

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To the editor:

In regards to “It’s time for a change,” (July 13, A6) Mr. Matthews, it’s not time for a change here in America. You are promoting socialism, which has failed in some countries.

I have spoken to Canadians. One man in particular waited months before being able to see a physician for treatment of his broken shoulder. Many Canadians come to America and pay large sums of money for surgeries because they can’t wait for treatment or choose not to wait.

You also state the American health care system does not work for many Americans, and it is too costly. It is too costly because we, taxpayers, have to pay for millions of people who bilk the system.

The former administration (and yourself) promoted a single-payer system, which is socialism. Obamacare tried to force people to buy government insurance or be penalized. The current administration is returning our system to the private sector, which creates competition and lowers costs.

America is not perfect, but it is still the greatest country in the world.

Mr. Matthews, you are probably a good and well-intentioned person, but if you like Canada so much, maybe you should move there and try their system. If it works for you, fine; if not, I welcome you back to America.

Richard “Art” Whitaker