Where they stand Q&A: Mark Lozier

Why are you running for office?

In September 2017, I accepted a position to manage the catastrophe operation as a result of Hurricane Irma. I spent 95 days managing 106 folks with overseeing 20,000 claims. It was after that I felt energized to serve again the community that I love. I selected county clerk (because) it was most like insurance claims. The clerk is an official who performs as an officer of the court, the manager of information and the CFO for all revenue collected on behalf of the court. The clerk is also the official who overseas and conducts all elections as a member of the election board.

What makes you a qualified candidate for the position?

I worked in the field of insurance claims for over 35 years, along with an extensive legal background. I’m a licensed first party claims practitioner and registered mediator with the Indiana Supreme Court. I’m a graduate from IUSB in1982 with a bachelor’s degree in business. I went on to complete an executive in business management (degree) in 2001 from the University of Notre Dame. I have extensive experience working with a variety of people in a range of capacities including facilitator, educator and advocate. My ability to communicate effectively with people of all different backgrounds serves me well. I’m a servant leader and believe in a process in which each person feels empowered and heard.

What are your top three goals for the position?

1. With the clerk’s office having approximated 1.5 years, working with the Odyssey system in the paperless file, it is time to evaluate the office staffing. As a conservative Republican I’m always looking at how I can best appropriate the tax dollars of Hancock County.

2. Work with the election board to determine if additional voters systems are needed in order to develop and increase efficiency in the election before the presidential election in 2020.

3. Review the collections, distributions and reconciliations of monies related to the court cases and audits by the state board of accounts. Child support represents a significant proportion of collections made in the clerk’s office, subject to audits.


Name: Mark Lozier

Age: 62

Party: Republican

Office sought: Hancock County clerk

Occupation: First party claims practice

Political experience: Unsuccessfully ran for county council in 2016

Family: Wife Kimberley, one step-daughter

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Samm Quinn is a reporter at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. She can be reached at 317-477-3275 or squinn@greenfieldreporter.com.