Real Estate – March 14

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Feb. 16

Arbor Homes LLC to Cory and Amanda Taylor, 1261 Boulder Lane, Fortville, $196,123.

Arbor Homes LLC to Marsha Cleon, 447 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $151,575.

Arbor Homes LLC to Ashley R. and Brooke R. Watkins, 428 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $200,699.

Greenfield Land Co. LLC to Silverthorne Homes LLC, 1985 S. Sugar Gum Trail, Greenfield, $36,500.

Texmi LLC to Jason A. and Kristen E. Strachman, 6557 W. Silverthorne Drive, McCordsville, $100,500.

Arbor Investments LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 2487 Apple Tree Lane, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $39,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Christopher and Julie Vandergrift, 1264 Boulder Lane, Fortville, $195,560.

Feb. 20

Robert L. and Hae S. Slentz to Jeffry A. and Jennifer L. Madden, 6075 W. Richman Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $260,000.

Mark A. and Joyce U. Ogden to Jeremy and Kim Powers, 3730 N. Forest Lane, Center Township, $279,900.

William K. and Brenda L. Rizor to Brett P. and Jacquelyn M. Michael, 2928 N. County Road 100W, Center Township, $367,000.

Andrew L. and Stephanie Fishburn to April J. Prather, 2211 S. Woodgrove Way, Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

New Century Homes Equity Loan Trust 2006-2 to EJ Development LLC, 2954 High Acres East St., Sugar Creek Township, $100,000.

Joshua A. Alford to Renovations by Russell LLC, 927 E. Ohio St., Fortville, $85,000.

Phillip D. and Susan J. Deem to Jacob D. and Lisa R. Argo, 1310 Bowman Drive, Greenfield, $232,000.

Greenfield Lodge No. 987 Loyal Order to Timmy J. and Gabriel F. Robinson, 1432 E. Main St., Greenfield, $150,000.

Anna M. Talbott Revocable Trust to Barbara J. Farrell, 1110 Apple Lake, Drive, Greenfield, $119,230.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 6496 Treeline Lane, McCordsville, $64,081.

Bradley S. and Karen Burke to Derek W. Eddy, 324 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, $124,999.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 8618 N. Tanglewood Circle, McCordsville, $60,106.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 6232 N. Woods Edge Court, McCordsville, $47,741.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 5550 Woodbrush Way, McCordsville, $63,209.

Jason and Melissa Langley to Deirdre Gastenveld and Mason Gastenveld, 1363 White Birch Lane, Greenfield, $145,000.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP, 6384 W. Cedar Chase Drive, McCordsville, $54,709.

Jennifer L. and Jeffry A. Madden to Andrew and Stephanie Fishburn, 2114 S. Moeller Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $217,000.

Westport Homes Inc. to Debra A. Burns, 217 Thistlewood Drive, Greenfield, $171,775.

Feb. 21

R. Scott and Cathy M. Muir to Christopher J. and Amanda M. Stewart, 1081 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $195,000.

Cottonwood Partners NNC to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 7068 N. Stubbington Lane, McCordsville, $184,500.

Charles M. and Lisa M. Gilliland to Ralph Armstrong and Shannon Jones, 6109 N. Main St., Brown Township, $25,000.

Gary and Tina Hendrick to ARVM5 LLC, 636 Holiday Drive, Fortville, $122,500.

Ashley L. and Chad D. Leathers to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 8778 N. Autumnview Drive, McCordsville, $262,000.

Feb. 22

Natalie J. Alcorn to James W. and Lauri A. Evans, 1922 S. Fox Cove Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Gerald Gordon and Linda C. Geminden to Nathaniel S. Wagner, 5377 W. Village Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $120,000.

John C. and Angela C. Jerrolds to Melody D. Jones, 1906 Winfield Park Drive, Greenfield, $160,000.

Marcus and Latona Shaw to Phillip Sturr, 9876 N. Port Drive, McCordsville, $284,900.