Circuit Court – March 3

The following civil actions were recently filed in Hancock County Circuit Court:

Feb. 19

Personal Finance Company v. Megan Gutierrez, Martin Gutierrez, civil collection.

Feb. 20

Travis Fultz v. Kandy Valentine, civil collection, eviction.

Bank of America N.A. v. David Griggs, civil collection.

Gateway Crossing Apartments by managing agent J.C. Hart Company Inc. v. Jessica McAllister, civil collection.

Feb. 21

Greenfield Crossing Apartments by Flaherty & Collins Properties managing agent v. Lewis Bowen, Lennie Bowen, civil collection.

Broadway Village Apartments v. Rebecca Rusie, civil collection, eviction.

Progress Residential v. Suzanne Kocher, Derrick Smith, unknown occupants, civil collection, eviction.

Blake A. Parkins v. Hancock County Prosecutor, miscellaneous civil.

Feb. 22

In the matter of the estate of Lucilla H. Boyd, estate unsupervised.

TC Land LLC v. Jennifer Holland, civil collection.

In the matter of specialized driving privileges for Kimberly R. L. Jessup, miscellaneous civil.

Feb. 23

In the matter of the estate of Virgil S. Williams, estate miscellaneous.

In the matter of the estate of Harold E. Jarrett, estate unsupervised.

AH4R Management-IN LLC v. Dawn Wilson, unknown occupants, civil collection, eviction.

AH4R Management-IN LLC v. Allen Tiller, unknown occupants, civil collection.