Real Estate – February 22

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 8

Rhonda Metzger to Michael R. Stroven, 1555 N. Manchester Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $190,000.

Jerry D. Neal to Terry Jordan Jr., 2207 Collins Way, Greenfield, $113,000.

Jason E. and Jennifer K. Rodgers to Todd S. and Laura D. Harper, 6477 W. Cedar Chase Drive, McCordsville, $198,000.

Donald J. Durant Revocable Trust to Rose Lady Floral Designer LLC, 51 W. Main St., New Palestine, $130,000.

Premier Home Service LLC to Karlee M. and Brigette L. Smith, 110 S. Center St., Greenfield, $39,000.

David P. and Angela R. Wagner to David P. and Angela R. Wagner, 5168 N. County Road 1000E, Jackson Township, $280,000.

Cindy McDaniel and Betty S. Davenport to Mark and Elizabeth Johnston, 10567 E. County Road 1100N, Brown Township, $299,900.

Dec. 11

Dickey Dowless Investments LLC to CGK LLC, 901 E. Broadway St., Fortville, $360,000.

Michael E. Sargent to Katie A. and Michael L. Nunnally, 2395 S. Woodgrove Way, Sugar Creek Township, $250,500.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis Inc., to Christine Camacho, 448 Tague St., Greenfield, $92,000.

Jeremy D. and Ashli M. Moore to Ronald E. Skelton Sr., 5752 W. Woodview Trail, McCordsville, $255,000.

Tuttle Development LLC to Blake Miller, 934 S. Fairway Village Court, Center Township, $30,000.

Dec. 12

Louie D. Carpenter to BonRock Holdings LLC, 412 S. Maple, Fortville, $575,000.

Premier Home Services LLC to Robert Ferryman and Rachel Ferryman, 3512 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $97,000.

Gail O. Plush to Davis Building Group LLC, 7526 W. Lane Road, Buck Creek Township, $54,000.

Holly Maclean to 1434 N. 700W LLC, 235 E. County Road 600N, Buck Creek Township, $120,000.

Allen Offenbacker to Sarah E. Risher, 531 N. County Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $162,000.

Larry and Charlotte Cochran to Mary S. and Allen T. Offenbacker, 1063 N. Creekview Drive, Buck Creek Township, $358,000.

Julia B. Reeves to Maureen C. Neville, 4063 N. New St., Center Township, $120,000.

Dec. 13

Gas America Services Inc. to M&O LLC, 405 White St., Shirley, $60,000.

Gas America Services Inc. to M&O LLC, 409 Main St., Shirley, $60,000.

Harvey and Arlynn Polokoff to Heather K. Brandon, 2249 Collins Way, Greenfield, $109,000.

C. Ronald and Sylvia S. Ragan to Mark H. and Vicky S. Winters, 4270 S. Cabin St., New Palestine, $372,000.

Dec. 14

Gene and Dorothy Maroska to Garen D. and Stacey J. Maroska, 524 S. State St., Greenfield, $25,000.

Michael D. Bonnell to Kelly Neumeister, 2906 S. County Road 100E, Brandywine Township, $133,689.

Brandi C. Johnson to Cody N. and Jessica A. Anderson, 418 Mount St., Greenfield, $73,500.

Dec. 15

Stanley B. Jr. and Joan M. Wilson to Caleb J. Etchinson, 672 E. County Road 1000E, Green Township, $142,000.

Denty and Dorothy Rice to Daniel L. and Kathleen A. Davis, 17 Riley Ave., Greenfield, $52,500.

Joshua L. Hagans to Kenneth Langhans, 435 – 437 W. Osage St., Greenfield, $53,000.

Stacey N. Gilbert to Randall D. Stant, 2408 S. Brandywine Ct., Brandywine Township, $135,000.

David C. Saxon to Marvin L. Jane A. Cheshire, 1194 N. Concord Ct., Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, 220,000.