Letter: Military service worth the price

To the editor:

Regarding the military comments made by Mr. Jim Matthews in his most recent op-ed (“Is it worth health risk to play football, serve the military?” Feb. 3, A4): Are you kidding me?

Your comment about pointing to a few people that spend “most of their lives sitting in their garages staring out at the world going by” is incredibly insensitive, disrespectful and directed at those that spent a portion of their lives defending the United States so that we and you could be free.

I spent 13 years as part of the greatest military on earth, defending this country, protecting my family and the family of others including yours.

And now, as a proud disabled Navy Veteran, I am going to answer the burning question you have. Yes — it was worth it!

I may move slower then I should; I may walk differently, and it can be painful at times to get around. But all this is worth its weight in gold protecting the lives of the citizens of this great country.

You are welcome to refer to the military as part of a “military-industrial complex.” I have no problem with that. To me, personally, you’re describing a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Do I mind that weapons manufacturers make money to supply our military with state of the art weaponry, designed to protect them and ultimately protect us? I don’t mind one bit.

You say you “question if our military is defending America or if it is defending the profits of a few.” I’ll not only answer that question for you but will be honored, proud and even answer it with a little grit: Our military is defending the United States of America and the wonderful people within it.

You state that you’re not anti-sport or anti-military, but I respectfully beg to differ. You also mention that you just “want us to think about the consequences of our actions.” My action was voluntary when I joined the Navy, and I knew the consequences of that action.

I would do it all again for this country, for my friends and family, for those I do not even know and even those that may question my actions.

Chuck Anderson