Real Estate – February 14

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Jan. 2

Terry L. Jr. and Khari R. Hulen to Anita J. Padgett, 9181 N. State Road 9, Brown Township, $114,000.

Vada F. Lord to Delaine C. Eyers, 901 Whispering Trail, Greenfield, $139,000.

Dale E. and Sue A. Clifford to Bobby W. and Joy K. Bowen, 2431 N. County Road 100W, Center Township, $175,000.

William C. Applegate to Jacob and Erin L. Lewis, 8680 N. Olvey Road, Green Township, $90,000.

Clinton L. and C. Jean Williams Revocable Living Trust to Grant W. and Sarah K. Mandrell, 6458 N. County Road 50E, Green Township, $239,900.

Thomas G. and H. Joann Ulsas to John P. and Michelle R. McCarty, 2642 N. County Road 700W, Buck Creek Township, $285,000.

By His Grace Ministry Inc. to Cindy Younts, 9886 N. Nashville Road, Brown Township, $46,400.

Jan. 3

Cheryl L. Strawhacker to the Janet W. Strawhacker Revocable Trust, 7260 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $497,000.

Kimberly S. and Kenneth R. Hartman to Kennedy R. McKeand, 107 E. Boyd Ave., Greenfield, $110,000.

Betty Parish to John Dorton, 835 School St., Greenfield, $108,000.

Deborah G. and Camilla R. McEvers to David E. Ferguson, 627 S. Poplar St., Fortville, $217,000.

Ralph E. and Beverly A. Scroggins to Elizabeth Preston, 596 Waterview Blvd., Greenfield., $198,500.

Carlos and Faye Banks to Kenneth Olson and Rebecca Olson, 935 N. County Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $219,500.

Tamara L. T. and Charles N. DeGraff Jr. to Andrea R. Green, 6778 W. Burlington Drive, Buck Creek Township, $150,000.

Jerry L. Smith to Aaron L. Wilson, 6762 N. County Road 725E, Brown Township, $320,000.

Jan. 4

Randy Ratliff to James R. and April M. Knight, 5241 N. Sugar Hills Drive, Center Township, $400,000.

Ronnie M. and Stacey L. Fowler to Clifford J. and Mary E. Burkart, 1339 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $104,000.

Apter Properties LLC & Mid-America Enterprises LLC to Tyler J. and Jessica E. Corlew, 712 Lake Drive, Greenfield, $161, 900.

Jeffery Welch to Mary L. McAllister, 1517 Apple St., Greenfield, $185,900.

Richard L. and Judy A. Walker to Mary L. McAllister, 1290 E. Davis Road, Center Township, $171,000.

Renee Lutes to Monty and Melody Zapf Revocable Living Trust, E. County Road 100N, Jackson Township, $234,816.

Millie R. Brown to Darrol H. L. White, 248 S. Carthage Road, Jackson Township, $18,000.

Hazel M. Fletcher Revocable Trust to Betty J. Jackson, 1139 E. Apple Blossom Lane, Greenfield, $113,000.

Troy L. and Deborah K. Majors to Charles R. Jr. and Carylyn S. Wright, 3921 N. County Road 200W, Center Township, $40,000.

Jan. 5

Charles R. and Marsha Moore to Joshua D. Green, 1092 S. Quail Court, Sugar Creek Township, $154,900.

Jan. 8

Myron W. Snelson to Kurt A. Thompson, 1926 Valley Brook Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $188,500.

William and Janice A. Niece to Education Professionals Inc., S. Main St., Center Township, $2,862.

Angela Long to Jeannette R. Wells, 933 Motel Drive, Fortville, $123,000.