Letter: With Marsh closed, city could use conventional grocery

To the editor:

Regarding discussion on what to do with the closed Marsh grocery store (“Repurposed building could solve problem,” Jan. 4, A6), we might be wise to take a page from Fishers’ playbook.

Big chains like Kroger, Wal-Mart and now Sam’s Club close and leave big empty dinosaurs with no regard for what is left behind. Let’s consider an ordinance where if a grocery store closes — whether from bankruptcy or to build a bigger store down the road — the empty building has to be another grocery store, not a combo flea market or fireworks/Halloween store.

We seem to be rather generous in handing out tax abatements to third party auto-parts suppliers and other similar factories.

Why not approach Needler’s with an attractive offer so we can have a real conventional grocery store here instead of having to go to the mega market? In those stores, you have to walk a mile to get a few grocery items. It’s common for the environment to be chaotic, crowded, undermanned, and they must think everyone is 6 feet and taller to reach items.

The Needler’s in New Palestine and Pendleton are friendly, clean stores with knowledgeable employees. We would do well to have that option here. Bigger is not necessarily better, and a friendly, less stressful, smaller store would be an asset for Greenfield!

Dennis V. Dunn