Real Estate – January 23

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 18

RWA Properties LLC to CT Invest Properties LLC, 2215 Osman Lane, Buck Creek Township, $179,900.

Dan Justus to Sandra K. Smith, 210 W. Mill St., Fortville, $96,000.

Robert McCutcheon to Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005-B, 112 N. McCarty St., Fortville, $17,000.

Bryan and Karri Harbert to Wells Fargo Bank NA, 132 E. Main St., New Palestine, $126,000.

Anton L. Bolliger to Allen L. Crum, 12341 E. 21st St., Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $169,900.

Terry and Teresa Figueira to Randal S. and Mari A. Gaskins, 716 S. State St., Center Township, $84,900.

Jason L. Ratliff to NK1 LLC, W. Staat St., Fortville, $30,000.

Phillip W. and Diane J. Mathias to David Reier, 26 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $89,900.

James M. Wyrick and Sue C. and Amanda M. Walls to Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, 9786 N. State Road 9, Green Township, $150,000.

Charles L. and Julie L. Powell to Iris D. Bolton, 2516 Wayne Drive, Buck Creek Township, $230,000.

Eric and Michelle Dickson to Steven K. and Melinda S. Fabel, 2382 S. Moeller Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $244,000.

Dec. 19

James F. Long Jr. to David C. and Elizabeth A. Stoehr, 4663 S. County Road 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $225,000.

Bruce D. Arthur to John R. Kiser Jr. and Connie S. Kiser, 110 E. Washington St., Center Township, $38,000.

Mae View LLC to Ronnie J. Pitcock and Tracey Scholl, 2948 N. Buck Creek Road, Buck Creek Township, $182,000.

Edward R. Jr. and Kelly A. Flecker to Eric V. Turner, 8873 N. Fawn Meadow Drive, McCordsville, $265,000.

Alan Dodds to Mark A. and Gabriele Fuller, 186 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $138,000.

Duane R. and Cynthia L. Miller to Nickolas A. and Donna J. Strong, 3651 N. Kelly Drive, Center Township, $265,000.

Matthew C. Boots and Carrie L. Diskin to Zachary Prast, 720 Waterview Blvd., Greenfield, $167,500.

Dec. 20

Eric M. Mikiska to Eric E. Baker, 8836 N. White Tail Trail, McCordsville, $214,900.

Dec. 21

Jell 1 LLC to Home SFR Borrower IV LLC, 6745 W. Odessa Way, McCordsville, $156,565.

Trans AM SFE II LLC to Home SFR Borrower IV LLC, 671 Fern St., Greenfield, $145,382.

Joan M. Stroot to Grant A. and Lyndsey N. Martin, 2171 W. Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $187,000.

Ian D. and Kylie A. Wolfe to Joshua A. Marrow and Alicia D. Smith, 4693 N. Country Mill Drive, Center Township, $177,000.

Hancock Land Company LLC to Jeffrey R. and Anna R. Reilly, 3251 S. County Road 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $117,000.

Gary Connor to Henry P. and Elaine M. Hobbie, 442 Bear Story Blvd., Greenfield, $145,500.

Stephanie L. Abel to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 7031 N. Laredo Drive, McCordsville, $185,000.

Galyan Real Estate LLC to Kendal and Kendra Panchot, 230 W. South St., Greenfield, $100,000.

Jennifer J. Huff to Rachel M. Jacques, 1447 White Birch Lane, Greenfield, $202,844.

Charles L. and Karen Davidson to Shaun J. and Catherin L. Mackey, 1558 S. County Road 150W, Center Township, $122,000.

Roger L. and Eleanor E. Alderfer to Scott and Jane Barton, 2211 N. Hickory Blvd., Greenfield, $187,500.

303 E. Lincoln Street Land Trust to Nora M. McCain and Mark E. Apple, 303 E. Lincoln St., Greenfield, $145,000.