Real Estate – January 19

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 1

Rick P. and Susan J. Edwards to Rick P. and Susan J. Edwards, 3376 W. County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $202,900.

Dec. 4

Christopher W. and Melinda D. Sutton to Evan M. Matheis and Katrina L. McEvilly, 1129 N. Manchester Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $291,000.

Daniel Deering to Nicholas R. McClelland, 458 E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $162,000.

Martha M. Thomas and Timothy Howard to Paige F. Crooks, 6367 E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $233,500.

Merrill Lynch First Franklin Mtg. Loan Trust to Rex Residential Property Owner LLC, 6643 W. Jefferson Court, Buck Creek Township, $117,653.

Dec. 5

Brad L. and Anita J. Hale to Brandon T. and Holly R. Nichols, 1140 S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $220,000.

Deborah K. Everman to James F. III and Natalie S. Gavin, 7490 Berkshire Lane, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $355,000.

Michelle Best to Austin R. Geralds, 1712 Sweetwater Lane, Greenfield, $100,000.

David R. Hudson to Carol Laugle, 606 W. South St., Greenfield, $100,000.

Jimmy U. and Bertha M. Levings to Michael and Barbara Maley, 1315 Bittersweet Drive, Greenfield, $147,500.

Leslie A. and Barbara J. Andis to Kristin N. Smith, 978 Center St., Greenfield, $128,000.

Paula D. Hesterly to Luke N. Green Revocable Trust, 26 E. Mill St., New Palestine, $91,751.

Jack L. and Betty J. Wesley to Brian Lyle, 209 Creek Wood Drive, Greenfield, $235,000.

Yeley’s Properties Family Limited to Douglas Strough, 915 E. Ohio St. Fortville, $119,000.

Dayne A. Tyner to Marvin D. and Pamela J. Larsh, 3855 W. County Road 400S, Sugar Creek Township, $269,000.

Joyce L. McCutcheon Revocable Trust to Michael J. and Gabrielle D. Tucker, 122239 Dunbar Court, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $140,000.

John T. and Carolyn K. Wiley to EJ Rentals LLC, 234-236 Gaslite Lane, Greenfield, $74,000.

Jacqueline R. May and Don Zlaty to Resid. Asset Secs Corp. Home Equity, 2131 E. Eden Road, Green Township, $115,000.

Randall D. Stant to Mark A. Day, 216 Pixy Court, Greenfield, $184,500.

Dec. 6

Harry E. and Karon A. Preston to Barton B. and Sarah Lewis, 7225 W. Christian Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $319,000.

Michael Cansler to Jodi L. Roeder, 619 Poplar St., Fortville, $77,000.

Matthew A. and Amanda B. McDonald to Bridgette C. and Ryan Tunny, 6288 W. Stinemyer Road, Sugar Creek Township, $271,000.

Dec. 7

Lloyd W. Padgett to Allan M. and Rosario P. Hyre, 1091 Hopkins Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $144,000.

Dennis A. II and Jennifer C. Wood to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 5702 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

John T. Marley to Jeremiah Colby, 7873 W. County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $125,000.

Kristi J. Wolski to Lundy A. VanDuyn and Patricia A. Joint, 1614 Walnut Trace, Greenfield, $175,000.

Marcia Wiseman to Nancy J. Beatty, 28 W. Mill St., New Palestine, $119,900.

Cheryl Strawhacker to Janet W. Strawhacker Revocable Trust, 7260 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $497,000.

James W. and Naomi R. Birch to Cole Moline, 1140 W. Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $230,000.

Charles D. and Rebecca J. McGinsie to Rebecca H. and Darnell M. Cornette, 3937 S. County Road 600W, Sugar Creek Township, $105,000.

Ittenbach Capital LLC to Robert and Ashley Tischler, 347 Lullaby Blvd., Greenfield, $142,500.

Clifford and Edna Lathrop to Bonnie K. Weddle, 126 N. Buck Creek Road, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $124,900.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to William K. and Andrea Neuffer, 625 N. Spring St., Greenfield, $53,005.

Nancy A. Kiser Revocable Trust to Joseph M. Kiser, 1280 Worchester Way, Greenfield, $122,834.

Limited Developments LLC to PAH LLC, 6360 W. U.S. Highway 52, Sugar Creek Township, $109,000.

Chad W. and Marla L. Stone to Todd and Donna K. Fields, 7135 W. County Road 200S, Sugar Creek Township, $510,000.

Mark A. Day to Cassandra and David R. Hudson, 1196 E. McClarnon Drive, Greenfield, $185,000.

Randall E. Beaver to Hazel R. Smith, E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $165,000.

Kelli J. Brown to Todd A. Cosgrove, 1914 Kingen Drive, Greenfield, $125,000.

Richard Glackin to Jonathan M. Craney and Jay Cook, 436 E. Staat St., Fortville, $5,000.

Roger L. and Lisa M. Tappy to Mid-America Homes LLC, 303 Noel Ave., Fortville, $100,000.

Dwayne E. Donelson Jr. to Lijun Wang, 12086 E. Harvest Glen Dr., Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $115,000.