Real Estate – December 30

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Nov. 13

Lois Ivey to Amber A. Kavanaugh, 107 S. County Road 500E, Jackson Township, $87,000.

Robert J. and Mary K. Richards Revocable Trust to Alfred Moore and Lisa J. Moore, 226 Sweetheart Court, Greenfield, $239,900.

A. and Sandra K. Barbera to Laurie Jackson, 1003 Maple Drive, Greenfield, $150,000.

Raymond J. and Margaret S. Bartnick to Gerald A. Phares, 7407 Yorkshire Blvd. North, Cumber-land/Sugar Creek Township, $332,500.

Dale E. and Sharon L. Harden to Nicolas W. and Haley M. Elizondo, 16. E. North St., New Palestine, $109,900.

Allen D. and Linda A. Collingham to Jennifer L. Lawyer, 1302 S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $200,000.

Benjamin A. Seal to Rebecca R. Seal, 5722 N. Red Oak Drive, Center Township, $149,250.

Nov. 14

Jack A. Mary R. Driesbach to Emil H. Flohe, 7750 E. County Road 500N, Jackson Township, $185,000.

Christopher R. Potter to Mary and Jack Driesbach, 1481 E. New Road, Greenfield, $113,000.

Sylvia White to Stephen T. Muteswa, 9280 N. Bayhill Circle, McCordsville, $140,500.

Earl and Stella M. Cloe to Donald and Suzanne E. Neice, 158 Longfellow Lane, Greenfield, $123,500.

Dennis P. and Laurie D. Sensing to Cagney A. and Lauren A. Sheehan, 1363 King Maple Drive, Greenfield, $159,900.

Lori Hayden to Wyatt C. and Erin Stevens, 5433 W. Village Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $164,900.

Ronald R. and Joan M. Jennings to Scott A. and Jennifer M. Richards, 7597 W. Williamswood Drive, Sugar Township, $355,000.

Galletta Vincent to Wilkerson Holdings LLC, 7596 N. County Road 600W, McCordsville, $28,000.

Robert T. Carlton to William M. Baker and Shirley M. Baker, 197 W. Weber Road, Brandywine Township, $149,000.

Steve Craney to Timothy and Gabriella McCreery, 313 N. Swope St., Greenfield, $97,500.

LAM Properties LLC to Anthony and Meredith Barnett, 2732 N. County Road 500W, Buck Creek, $174,000.

Nov. 15

Allen Wood Jr. to Erica E. Glasener, 4631 S. County Road 400W, Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Robert E. Waterman Sr. to Mary Middleton, 83 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $55,000.

Lou H. Putty to Steven H. and Teresa G. Struck, 3147 U.S. Highway 52 West, Sugar Creek Township, $150,000.

Janet L. Antle to Flip Side LLC, 898 Jaycie Phelps Road, Greenfield, $50,000.

Larry A. and Anita K. Turner to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 1353 Cypress Drive, Greenfield, $130,000.

Ruth J. Murphy to Eleanor M. Blanton, 7314 Derbyshire Drive, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $249,900.

Jeffrey A. and Elizabeth D. Wyatt Revocable Trust to Robert A. McCord, 8816 N. Deer Crossing Blvd., McCordsville, $256,900.

Miami Valley Holdings LLC to EPS Holdings LLC, 502 N. State St., Greenfield, $99,900.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Premier Home Services LLC, 3512 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $77,000.

Nov. 16

Herdrich Petroleum Corp. to JIT Real Estate Investment Inc., 1313 N. State St., Greenfield, $151,000.

Gail M. Whitis to Carlos Luna, 8311 N. Fortville Pike, Vernon Township, $65,000.

Melissa Supan to Mark A. and Nichole R. Salcedo, 4450 S. State Road 9, Brandywine Township, $325,000.

Nov. 17

Eric Hartley to David Moore II, 8610 N. Ricks Drive East, Vernon Township, $145,000.

James K. Ryan Life Estate to Adam D. Luke, 412 Old Glory Drive, Greenfield, $144,500.

Manfred A. Hannemann to Wayne and Audrey Williams, 7004 E. County Road 600S, Blue River Township, $450,000.

Dan Black to Michael Tate, 7504 U.S. Highway 40 East, Jackson Township, $97,000.

Michael A. and Laurie J. Lopez to Zachary and Jennifer Foutz, 8372 N. State Road 9, Green Township, $155,000.

Michael A. Murphy to Firebird SFE I LLC, 2242 Collins Way, Greenfield, $97,100.

Kyle L. and Pamela S. Cousert to Gerardo C. and Helen M. Gonzalez, 7156 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $264,000.

John Corvette to Michael A. and Robin L. Potter, 1286 N. Blue Spruce Court, Buck Creek Township, $328,000.

Charles A. and Margaret Redinger to Registered Holders of CSMC Asset, 12 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $44,000.