Real Estate – December 15

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Oct. 5

Orval and Karen L. Frakes to Scott A and Liette M. Shonborn, 2521 E. County Road 300N, Center Township, $327,000.

Sue B. Layton to James and April Ashley, 8160 N. County Road 250E, Green Township, $265,000.

Christine C. Vehorn to James A. Vetters, 1216 Melody Lane, Greenfield, $90,000.

Thomas and Pamela K. Mack to Benjamin H. and Hailey A. Bagley, 10063 E. County Road 700N, Brown Township, $185,000.

Claudia Edman and Mark Edman to Allen F. Kell, 7225 W. Ivy Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $210,000.

Barbara E. Patterson to Robert A. Stefanski, 1326 _ 1328 Candlelite Drive, Greenfield, $101,000.

Andrew B. and Karen S. Payne to Adam Hazelwood and Amanda Balke-Hazelwood, 1277 Fox Trail Drive West, Sugar Creek Township, $222,500.

Oct. 9

Joshua Edwards to Glendy N. Carpio, 12225 Dunbar Court, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $139,000.

Asa S. Burkett to Medina L. Burkett, 1008 Oak Blvd., Greenfield, $113,000.

Oct. 10

Paul N. Miller to Betty Fahnestock, 901 Ginger Circle, Greenfield, $129,900.

Kevin E. and Debra A. Odell to Janice L. Heron, 308 Lake View Drive, Greenfield, $177,450.

Jeremy and Christa Pike to Lisa D. Bruce, 4454 W. Windsong Court, Sugar Creek Township, $199,500.

Steven R. and Patricia M. Lewis to Trevor J. Johnson, 744 S. Meadow Song Court, Sugar Creek Township, $224,000.

Maurice A. Brooks to David J. Collis Jr., 603 N. County Road 400W, Buck Creek Township, $68,500.

Lauren N. and Bryce A. Miller to Fyrn E. Leakey, 942 N. Mill Run Blvd., Greenfield, $144,500.

Paul Carr to Kerri Suhr, 1613 Bowman Drive, Greenfield, $205,000.

Oct. 11

BGRS LLC to Neil and Sarah E. F. Dunaway, 7625 W. Village Way, Sugar Creek Township, $350,700.

Carmen S. Hall Revocable Living Trust to Larry M. Patti A. Vogel, 1049 Morningside Drive, Greenfield, $325,000.

Oct. 12

Bruce E. Tompkins to Tyler Dicks, 1804 Brookview Circle, Greenfield, $123,000.

Andrew T. and Brenda L. Bullman to Glenn II and Patricia Shanahan, 3810 W. Allen Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $242,000.

Deborah Snow to Jacob R. and Molly J. Leighty, 136 Allen Lane, Greenfield, $92,000.

Paul H. and Sandra S. Luchtefeld to Jennifer Luchtefeld, 310 Madison Drive, Greenfield, $100,000.

Margaret S. McCoy to Katherine I. Greulich, 908 Brooks Drive, Fortville, $112,000.

Oct. 13

Brian S. Cass to Davie and Michele A. Mills, 1080 S. Oden Drive, Center Township, $169,000.

15180 Properties LLC to Burgess Real Estate Holdings LLC, 211-215 S. Main St., Fortville, $270,000.

Oct. 16

Thomas E. Elvin Revocable Trust to Sara J. Gephart and Jeremy Gephart, 3197 S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $219,500.

Bridget Dollard to Jennifer S. Pampuch and Michael R. Borden, 3878 S. County Road 700W, Sugar Creek Township, $238,000.

Oct. 17

Eric M. Allen to James H. Mara Jr., 696 W. County Road 600N, Vernon Township, $159,899.

R & K Apartments LLC to Dennis Brackenridge, 421 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $63,000.

Thomas D. and Andrew J. Mench to Thomas D. and Jessica L. Mench, 9348 E. County Road 500N, Jackson Township, $286,000.

The Alden Family Trust to Austin J. and Mary E. Jordan, 2010 Postmaster Lane, Buck Creek Township, $149,000.