NEW PALESTINE — Mrs. Kristin Henderson’s kindergarten class at Zion Lutheran School recently celebrated their 50th day of school with a 1950s-themed day.

Mrs. Henderson and her students all arrived in their best ’50s attire. She greeted the students at the door while music from the ’50s played in the background. During Circle Time, the students listened to a book that compared the way things were in the ’50s to the way they are today. Centers all had a ’50s spin, and included such things as measuring popular ’50s items using Tootsie Rolls as a unit of measurement, an ice cream parlor table, graphing with ’50s nostalgia items, blowing bubbles, sorting pictures of items into whether they were used in the ’50s or used today, and the like. In the afternoon, the students got to have an ice cream float for a special treat.