Circuit Court – December 12

The state of Indiana recently filed cases against the following people in Hancock County Circuit Court:

Nov. 21

Samson T. Livingston, sexual misconduct with a minor.

The following civil actions were recently filed in Hancock County Circuit Court:

Nov. 20

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Larae Cruz, civil collection.

Randy Kinsey, Christie Kinsey v. Geist Auto Service LLC, c/o Affordable Accounting Services LLC, civil plenary.

Nov. 21

Mainstay Property Management v. Jessica Chapman, civil collection, eviction.

Koontz Lake Rentals LLC v. Jane Doe, civil collection, eviction.

AH4R Management-IN LLC v. Laura Heaston, et. al., civil collection, eviction.

Nov. 22

1100 Inc. v. Tia Lanham, civil collection.

Eastway Court Apartments v. Tony Osborne, Victoria Osborne, civil collection, eviction.