Real Estate – November 30

Real Estate

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 8

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Miami Valley Holdings LLC, 502 N. State St., Greenfield, $76,450.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Dustin Dubree, 2302 E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $291,580.

Kent and Debbie Bullman to PAH LLC, 21 N. Bittner Road, New Palestine, $77,100.

CWMBS 2004-25 to Tiffany Marble, 5760 N. Attleburg Drive, Buck Creek Township, $135,100.

Jerry J. Goff to Jeremiah J. Goff, 192 W. County Road 700N, Vernon Township, $122,000.

Levi S. and Ashley N. Jones to Stephen N. and Cortney L. Kalk, 3005 E. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, $255,000.

Matthew J. Davis to Michael D. and Charlotte S. Parr, 6084 W. Deer Run Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $180,000.

Betty D. Holt Living Trust to Timothy A. Catiller, 322 N. Broadway St., Greenfield, $189,000.

Sept. 11

ML Contracting Inc. to Wendy S. Hauca, 401 Woods St., Greenfield, $120,000.

Schoenherr Enterprises LLC to Indiana Box LLC, Royal Drive, Greenfield, $155,961.

KND Real Estate 4 LLC to OHI Asset (IN) Greenfield LLC, 200 Green Meadows Drive, Greenfield, $18,683,430.

Sept. 12

Keith Jacobs to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3569 E. County Road 600N, Center Township, $88,190.

Dinah L. McAllister to Federal National Mortgage Association, 7471 W. Ivy Court, Sugar Creek Township, $191,753.

Valorie A. Fegenbush to Justin Lichtle and Olivia Deering, 301 W. Church St., Fortville, $160,000.

David A. and Kathy A. Ogles to Jacob Artrip, 519 Hopkins Road, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $115,000.

Billy J. Legere Jr. to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 3512 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $80,250.

Sept. 13

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Madison L. and Julie L. Graham, 1012 N. Noble St., Greenfield, $76,100.

Thomas and Sue Neylon to the Sue C. Neylon Revocable Trust, 318 N. Walnut Dr., Buck Creek Township, $130,000.

Jeffery and Vickie Harner to Kevin M. and Linda A. Burkett, 5543 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $181,000.

Jason L. Speer to Justin L. and Star Brenner, 1725 N. Apple St., Greenfield, $165,000.

Allen R. and Lila A. Keen to Robyn and Dustin Green, 4273 S. County Road 600W, Sugar Creek Township, $135,000.

Sept. 14

Pyatt Builders LLC to Kyle B. Herbert, 410 S. Meadow Song Court, Sugar Creek Township, $264,755.

Windgate Properties LLC to Samantha and Joseph Hawkins, 8969 E. South St., Brown Township, $10,000.

Lagora M. Lind to Alexander R. Barr, 5592 W. County Road 300S, Sugar Creek Township, $154,250.

Windgate Properties LLC to Samantha and Joseph Hawkins, N. County Road 900E, Brown Township, $10,000.

Sept. 15

Randall T. Blanchard to Jordan C. Haycock, 274 Punkin Court, Greenfield, $122,000.

Steven A. Zimmer to Charles M. Morris IV, 6101 N. County Road 400E, Green Township, $182,550.

Eric W. and Sonya J. Whiteside to Jonathon Hargrove, 4503 W. Windsong Court, Sugar Creek Township, $188,900.

Kurt W. Johnson and Mary J. Hamm to Richard J. Jr. and Candis A. Mullen, 5649 N. County Road 800W, Buck Creek Township, $465,000.

Sept. 18

Angelina M. Bird to Brandon J. Watson and Christina R. Hutton, 4369 W. Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $186,000.

William D. and Kimberly M. Anderson to Daniel Fariss, 449 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $74,000.

Philip R. and Janice K. McCord, 333 Meek St., Greenfield, $48,500.