Real Estate – November 28

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 5

Kenneth R. and Evelyn K. Walter to Kenneth W. Bowling, 5261 N. Fortville Pike, Center Township, $425,000.

Terry L. and Kathy B. Wilson to Natalie N. Hunter, 315 E. Railroad St., Fortville, $125,000.

Curtis M. and Lauren E. Dyer to Jacob A. Gray, 1604 Sweetwater Lane, Greenfield, $115,000.

Martha E. Burdine to Jack L. Ratliff, 521 N. Leland St., Fortville, $50,000.

Tyla M. E. and Michael D. Lane to Lauran M. Sanders, 6680 W. Stansbury Blvd., Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

Daniel L. and Pamela K. Cameron to David F. and Donna L. Zirkle, 208 Cranberry Drive, Center Township, $145,000.

Jonathan and Renee Dunz to Sue L. Roscoe, 6847 W. Burlington Drive, Buck Creek Township, $139,900.

Paul and Alice Good to Linda Young, 4349 W. Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $170,000.

Perry and Jeri Reichanadter to Brice Sanders and Shelby Newhard, 5186 W. Blue Bell Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $165,000.

Kenneth R. and Nicole M. Gooch to Joseph C. and Megan E. Bierl, 1695 S. County Road 150W, Center Township, $242,750.

Sept. 6

Oliver R. and Terri L. Anthony to Jeffrey R. and Aubrey K. Cleek, 1419 Persimmon Circle, Greenfield, $159,500.

Herbert G. Meneses to Lucas and Holly Gurevesky, 1302 Lavender Drive, Greenfield, $164,275.

Larry D. and Linda A. Harrison to Michaael C. Bostic, 7664 Hanna St., McCordsville, $127,500.

Clinton L. and C. Jean Williams Revocable Living Trust to Dale R. Young, 1240 Candlelite Drive, Greenfield, $99,500.

Steven S. Cloud to Beatrice R. Dye, 436 Brookstone Drive, Greenfield, $125,000.

Neda A. Chopp to Rance T. and Kimberly L. Pearson, 6318 W. Waterview Court, McCordsville, $375,000.

John P. and Janet A. West to Erin Roush, 2010 Osman Lane, Buck Creek Township, $145,000.

Bradley W. and Jamie M. Ringer to Keith A. Priddle and Kathryn J. Priddle, 7404 W. Anton Way, Sugar Creek Township, $345,000.

Susan R. Duncan to Chad E. Williams, 1008 N. Noble St., Greenfield, $102,000.

Jorry W. Ehlinger to Randal Hayes, 5921 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $128,000.

Sept. 7

Joseph A. and Peggy L. Kines to Adam L. and Tiffany J. Ellis, 7333 Yorkshire Blvd. N., Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $350,000.

Rance and Kimberly Pearson to Scott E. and Kathryn S. Partridge, 5869 W. Glenview Drive, McCordsville, $260,000.

Robert W. and Caralee Griffith to William S. Amberger, 6335 W. Parker Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $226,000.

Mark Elsbury to Forrest L. and Sally J. Hicks, 2093 E. Eden Road, Green Township, $72,500.

William S. and Martha Foster to Michael D. and Amy B. Campbell, 3240 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $295,000.

Sarah C. Bolling to Roderick J. McBride, 5781 S. State Road 9, Brandywine Township, $130,000.

Gregory L. and Margie K. Hackler to Cameron Eck, 202 N. Main St., Fortville, $170,000.

Mark H. Bottema to Rusche Rentals LLC, 3156 S. Theodore Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $67,000.

Patricia A. Buesking Rev. Trust to Marlon and Renee J. Corwin, 4351 W. County Road 100S, Sugar Creek Township, $600,000.

Skilken Greenfield LLC to Red Door Storage Space LLC, N. Martindale Drive/E. New Road, Greenfield, $165,000.