School proposes robotics course for next year

GREENFIELD — A new class being proposed for next year at Greenfield-Central High School will have a STEM focus.

If approved by the school board, Greenfield-Central High School will offer its first robotics design and innovation class.

The class is one of several that were introduced to school board members recently. Many of the courses have a STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) emphasis.

The course will give students who take it a chance to stay up to date with technology and industrial needs, school leaders say.

Currently, no course offered at the high school allows students to interact with robotics and automated systems, though the school does have a robotics team.

School leaders said interest in robotics has grown across the district. The junior high and Maxwell Intermediate School recently started robotics clubs based on that student interest. Those students will eventually rise to the high school, where leaders want to ensure their interests are met.

The course also sets a foundation for students to seek high demand, high-wage careers in robotics and automation, including those in the Greenfield community.

Students in all grade levels will be able to take the course and will earn one elective credit per semester.

The school board will vote in December to approve the new course, but members have already applauded high school leaders for listening to student requests.

President Retta Livengood commended the school’s administration for identifying a area of curriculum that could be strengthened.

Other courses being proposed are:

Networking I (open to juniors and seniors interested in information technology)

Principles of business management (open to juniors or seniors)

CCR Bridge: Math Ready (recommended for college-bound seniors considering a non-math, science or STEM-related major)

Honors Algebra II (open to all grade levels)

Math 10 (open to sophomores, juniors and seniors)

AP Physics C (offered as an independent study course to seniors)

Indiana studies

Ethnic studies

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