Marriage Licenses – November 18

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Sept. 25

Kylie M. McNeil, Beech Grove, to Justin T. Kuhn, New Palestine.

Christopher M. Stanley, Greenfield, to Kirsten Anderson, Greenfield.

Sept. 26

Tammie S. Zumwalt, Greenfield, to Eric A. Fuller, Greenfield.

Melissa J. Terhune, Greenfield, to William A. Trozzo II, Greenwood.

Matthew T. Schulz, Fortville, to Megan N. Jones, Fortville.

Sept. 27

Dylan C. Ratzsch, Fortville, to Cleo C. Weaver, Fortville.

Trevor S. Baker, New Palestine, to Kalen L. Wilkes, New Palestine.

Mary E. Sargent, Fortville, to Andrew M. Okerson, Fortville.

Sept. 28

Kimberly J. Pack, New Palestine, to Justin D. Stephenson, New Palestine.

Matthew M. Martz, Willow Branch, to Chantel R. Butcher, Greenfield.

Travis W. Milner, McCordsville, to Kimberly P. Holaday, McCordsville.

Sawyer C. Sorrell, McCordsville, to Olivia D. Miles, McCordsville.

Sept. 29

Briana L. Dunham-Smith, Greenfield, to Joshua C. Atkins, Greenfield.

James R. Barker, Greenfield, to Michaelle M. Richard, Greenfield.

Zachary M. Langhans, Greenfield, to Toni L. Tillett, Greenfield.

Travis Hanson, Indianapolis, to Samantha Cowperthwaite, Martinsville.

Oct. 2

Tyler S. Lowhorn, New Palestine, to Brianna K. Partin, Greenfield.

Ross R. Fields, Oceanside, California, to Lenzi R. Cawvey, Oceanside, California.

Jason A. Shartzer, McCordsville, to Krishna A. Moore, McCordsville.

Justin E. Wildrick, Greenfield, to Olivia E. L. Garcia, Greenfield.

Oct. 3

Troy C. Weber, Greenfield, to Kristine A. Merriman, Greenfield.

Jonathon S. Heffner, Greenfield, to Andrienna Butcher, Greenfield.

Oct. 4

Candace M. Sexton, Greenfield, to Michelle E. L. Flowers, Greenfield.

Adam S. Carmichael, Greenfield, to Amy Laford, Greenfield.

Joey Miles, Greenfield, to Andrea Mayfield, Greenfield.

Bradley D. Parker, Greenfield, to Vickie L. Mason, Greenfield.

Ronald L. Goins, Fishers, to Carol J. Heitman, New Palestine.

Kimberly A. Fox, Indianapolis, to James R. Johnson, New Palestine.

Oct. 5

Aaron Hough, Indianapolis, to Sheena A. Watson, Indianapolis.

Tyler J. Straight, Greenfield, to Edna L. Hunt, Greenfield.

Hannah N. Boaz, Greenfield, to Michael A. Dawson, Greenfield.

Christopher A. McGraw, Shirley, to Erica J. Barnes, Shirley.

Oct. 9

Stefanie M. Belbot, Greenfield, to Celtic R. Wheatley, Greenfield.

Tabitha A. Milford, New Palestine, to Alan D. R. Kennedy, New Palestine.

Lisa R. Bratcher, Greenfield, to Edward L. Belcher, Greenfield.

Oct. 10

Cody L. White, Greenfield, to Tina M. Lee, Greenfield.

Seth T. True, Fortville, to Brittany N. Stallsworth, Fortville.

Megan R. Kalman, Greenfield, to William A. Voss, Greenfield.

Michelle G. Brinkmann, Greenfield, to David R. Ewing, Greenfield.

Oct. 11

Courtney Ray, Fishers, to Kyle Helpling, Fortville.

Jessica A. Colby, Shirley, to Cody J. Gatlin, Shirley.

Seth R. E. Beeson, Greenfield, to Sistine E. Muncy, Greenfield.

Nicholas J. Theising, McCordsville, to Samantha Laughlin, McCordsville.

Oct. 12

MacKenzie Mayfield, Avon, to Martin L. Overby, Greenfield.

Jerry W. Cardwell Jr., Greenfield, to Jessica N. Denney, Greenfield.

Todd L. Welch, Greenfield, to Mara F. Waterman, New Palestine.