Marriage Licenses – November 17

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Sept. 1

Brian L. Davidson, Fortville, to Charity L. Voss, Fortville.

Jared D. Hiner, Fortville, to Ashley N. Hill, Fortville.

Andrew J. Reiblein, Greenfield, to Chelsea L. Berling, New Castle.

Sept. 5

Jason D. Debruhl, Indianapolis, to Anna C. Garner, Fortville.

Amanda L. Ogle, Greenfield, to Brandon A. Kirkman, Greenfield.

Dustin L. Fisher, New Palestine, to Sierra D. M. Helton, Indianapolis.

Sept. 6

David L. Hallam III, Greenfield, to Chelsay R. Wilmer, Greenfield.

Sept. 7

Donald J. Boatman, Greenfield, to Lisa D. Lawrence, Greenfield.

Lindsey J. Reed, Greenfield, to Jeffrey D. Fiddler, New Palestine.

Mary C. E. Key, McCordsville, to Travis E. Harris, Indianapolis.

Kyle Pond, New Palestine, to Abigail Harrod, New Palestine.

Lindsay A. Morgeson, McCordsville, to Jacob R. Mundy, McCordsville.

Sept. 8

Ariel R. Wesson, Oneonta, Alabama, to Dylan T. Brock, Oneonta, Alabama.

Joshua K. Rogers, Fortville, to Teara M. Cain, Fortville.

Anthony D. Bennett, New Madison, Ohio, to Catherine E. Koelling, New Palestine.

Brad A. Rode, Greenfield, to Amy S. Mitchell, Greenfield.

Christian J. Blair, Greenfield, to Lucinda R. Phares, Greenfield.

Kyle A. Nix, McCordsville, to Angela R. Markle, McCordsville.

Matthew J. Buchs, Wilkinson, to Jennifer M. Ziliak, Wilkinson.

Aaron S. Clark, Greenfield, to Alexsa M. Rape, Greenfield.

Sept. 11

Jonathan C. McCormick, Greenfield, to Carly M. Fernandes, Greenfield.

Benjamin D. Zirkle, Greenfield, to Samantha A. White, Greenfield.

Todd W. Gable, Fortville, to Francy L. McNew, Fortville.

Sept. 12

Derek J. Rozzell, Wilkinson, to Michelle M. Reeves, Wilkinson.

Sept. 13

Tyler K. Kidd, Greenfield, to Olivia P. Yocum, Greenfield.

Alicia M. Menerey, Fortville, to David W. Frakes, Fortville.

Benjamin J. Atencio Jr., New Palestine, to Kaylee R. Phelps, New Palestine.

Deondray W. Knight, Merrillville, to Kayla R. Haskett, McCordsville.

Sept. 14

Blake C. Crull, Wilkinson, to Brandi L. Bever, Wilkinson.

Sept. 15

Amanda K. Rogers, Greenfield, to Jordan P. Lawrence, Greenfield.

Kyle C. Howell, Greenfield, to Brittany N. Berry, Greenfield.

Kyle E. Young, Greenfield, to Cari M. Harmon, Greenfield.

Sept. 18

Robbie A. Miller, Greenfield, to Shelby A. Lowery, Greenfield.

Jordan A. Raffaelli, Greenfield, to Kara M. Purvis, Greenfield.

Dustin L. Sparks, Greenfield, to Carmen J. Knox, Greenfield.

Donald R. Cook, Greenfield, to Cheryl A. Decker, Indianapolis.

Sept. 19

Timothy W. Mahns, Greenfield, to Megan L. Ream, Greenfield.

Sept. 20

Scott Slunaker, Greenfield, to Elizabeth Wilson, Greenfield.

Kristen M. Hochgesang, McCordsville, to Wayne Hochgesang, McCordsville.

Sept. 22

Cody L. Jones, Greenfield, to Sonja H. Eisenzimmer, Greenfield.

Jordan M. Wilson, Greenfield, to Ashley R. Brunk, Greenfield.

Bobbi J. Perry, Greenfield, to David L. Poling, Greenfield.

Madison K. Levi, Greenfield, to Zachary C. Poteet, Greenfield.

Gretchen J. Cribbs, Indianapolis, to Crystal F. Roche, Greenfield.

David B. Tarrh Jr., Greenfield, to Alisha C. Spencer, Greenfield.