The American public has had enough

To the editor:

To the senator who stood on the floor of the Senate and said, “I rise to say, ‘Enough.'” I rise as an American who has never missed voting in an election. I rise as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and aunt. I rise as an intelligent, frustrated woman to say enough.

Congress:  Enough getting nothing done. Enough petty bickering and posturing. Enough looking for the cameras to be sure you get your media time.

Enough power plays instead of governing. Enough telling us why we can’t do this, why doing that can’t be done.

(Good Lord, we are the nation that put a man on the moon! We can do whatever needs done.)

Enough power plays. Try statesmanship. Enough refusal to govern because your choice didn’t get elected (all of you). Get over it, and get to work. Enough demanding your way.

Find compromises. Enough looking only to what benefits you, your constituents and your party. Work for the common good. Enough behaving like prima donnas. Try behaving like what you are – public servants.

Mr. President: Enough tweeting, twittering and communicating the first thing that comes to your mind without any apparent thought of the consequences. Enough telling us how great you are. Stop saying it, and act it more often.

Enough not listening to the experienced people around you. Enough personal attacks and name-calling. I believe you are better than that. Please prove me right. We elected you to do the job, so perhaps enough pushing it down our throats that you are the boss and a little more behaving like an employee of the people.

Media: Enough slanting the news the way you want it. Enough reporting just the words you want us to hear that leave us thinking/believing what you want us to think/believe.

Enough spending hours/days tracking down the witnesses, experts who will say what you want the way you want it said. Enough with the disrespectful, denigrating tone of voice that tells us what you think and what you want us to think.

For a refreshing change, try neutral. Enough picking and choosing only those soundbites, quotes, scenes that leave the impression you want. Enough making news. Just report it, and trust us to make up our own minds.

We are sick of the lot of you. You all behave like spoiled children throwing temper tantrums trying to get your own way. For heaven’s sake, shut up, grow up, figure out how to behave yourselves and get off your rearends and get the job done, because we have had enough.

Janet Plough