Restaurant Inspections – November 3

The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually and violations are determined as “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection Reports.

Aug. 28

China Inn

Location: 1274 N. State St., Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations: C — must have certified food handler on premises majority of operating hours, to be corrected by Nov. 1; C — must have employee health policy reviewed with all staff, corrected; C — cannot use common towel after washing hands, corrected; C/R — knives on magnetic strip have food debris, to be corrected by Aug. 28; NC/R — wipe down/clean equipment to remove debris, to be corrected by Nov. 1; C/R — food prep sink equipment, plates, etc., must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in three-compartment sink must not be blocked, removed pan of raw meat draining in sink, corrected; NC — need food thermometer available and used, to be corrected by Nov. 11; NC — need equipment thermometers that are working in all refrigerator units, to be corrected by Nov. 1; NC — must allow all equipment/dishes to air dry before putting in storage, to be corrected by Aug. 28.