Real Estate – November 3

The following real estate transfers were recently recorded in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 30

John J. and Patricia L. Lorsung to Property Owner 3 LLC, 6873 W. Kingston Drive, Buck Creek Township, $142,000.

Erin C. Brown to Property Owner 3 LLC, 6589 W. Jefferson Court, Buck Creek Township, $144,000.

Daniel Reyes to Paul and Lisa C. Bellows, 6371 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $158,500.

HFS I Assets Company LLC to HHS-1 LLC, 1778 Roosevelt Drive, Greenfield, $53,510.

Richard H. Hutson to Christine C. Vehorn, 523 Morristown Pike, Center Township, $33,751.

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to James Coop, 743 S. County Road 500W, Sugar Creek Township, $120,267.

Deana R. and Cory W. Thompson to John J. and Patricia L. Lorsung, 728 N. Johnson Branch Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $239,000.

M/I Homes of Indiana LP to Stephen D. and Nancy L. Staggs, 748 N. Mayer Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $299,900.

Kelly A. Mauk-Neal to Scott L. and Carolyn M. Jung, 8580 N. Crestview Trail, McCordsville, $210,000.

Beth R. Litteral to Greg W. Armstrong, 4430 S. County Road 500W, New Palestine, $145,000.

Robert and Deborah Muccillo to Joseph and Katherine Kortz, 29 W. Main St., New Palestine, $47,000.

Aug. 31

Scott A. and Sharon L. Weigand to David J. Dougherty, 3713 S. Stony Ridge Court, Sugar Creek Township, $195,000.

Eric Ginder to Mark and Margaret S. Sternberg, 158 Pixy Court, Greenfield, $155,000.

Robert G. and Eva M. Jordan to Daniel L. Sitton, 135 New Jersey St., Shirley, $97,000.

Albert J. Rodgers III to Amy A. and Kevin L. Roberts, 2521 S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $199,900.

James B. Dill to Amanda C. Kern, 8909 N. White Tail Trail, McCordsville, $181,000.

Forrest Owens to William R. Lloyd, 9219 N. State Road 109, Brown Township, $114,000.

Greenfield Land Co. LLC to Kevin L. and Vicky S. Mars, 1971 S. Stoney Trail, Greenfield, $34,000.

Joseph L. Carlton to Carly E. Fox, 1216 Greenfield Drive, Greenfield, $115,000.

Kevin D. and Erin C. Dalton to Amy D. Holifield, 733 Meadows Lane, Greenfield, $103,000.

Derek Cheek to Peter A. and Julia A. Honious, 8608 N. Springview Drive, McCordsville, $245,000.