Real Estate – November 1

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 18

Craig W. and Monica J. Stickford to Ryan C. and Jennifer L. Bohannon, 3681 W. U.S. Highway 52, Sugar Creek Township, $225,000.

Frank A. and Katrina C. Stringer to Sara L. Cochard, 2930 W. Walnut Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $159,000.

Aug. 21

Lisa D. Amber to Debora Kunze, 322 E. North St., Greenfield, $199,900.

Alecia M. Ross to Brandy Ferguson, 6824 W. Raleigh Drive, Buck Creek Township, $140,000.

John M. Gillespie to Caleb G. White, 425 Madison Drive, Greenfield, $105,000.

Randal R. Brown to Randall R. and Valerie J. Brown, 219 W. Main St., Greenfield, $79,000.

Billie and Patricia Wilson to Shallis Partnership, 313 N. State St., Greenfield, $71,000.

Terri L. Tugan and G. Jean Elamon to Margaret R. Walton, 716 N. East St., Greenfield, $30,000

Aug. 22

James L. Pittman and Joy R. Smith-Pittman to Barbara Moore, 607 W. County Road 500N, Center Township, $162,500.

Beth A. Rose to Dunn Rentals LLC, 914 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $103,900.

IndyRe LLC to C. Eric Mohr and Lisa D. Mohr, 2588 E. County Road 900E, Green Township, $20,000.

Kent A. and Tonya R. Davis to Michael J. and Brittany D. Stewart, 418 E. New York St., Fortville, $177,000.

Robert Johnstone to Taylor R. and Rachelle E. Rogers, 225 Hamilton St., Fortville, $150,000.

Aug. 23

Todd A. and Susan M. Christopher, 3413 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $205,900.

Burns T. Gutzwiller to Jeffrey A. and Elizabeth D. Wyatt, 207 W. Staat St., Fortville, $245,500.

Aug. 24

Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company to Brian K. Mershon, 410 E. Main St., $52,500.

Carlota T. Goncalves to Dustin Cummings, 1811 Lakeside Lane, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $175,000.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to SMG Enterprises LLC, 2129 E. Bomar Lane, Brandywine Township, $148,150.

Aug. 25

Gregory P. and Deborah S. Yeskie to Cassandra and Ronald Metcalf, 534 N. Buck Creek Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $194,000.

Hugh Eaton to James F. Roberts IV, 255 Lullaby Court, Greenfield, $129,000.

Richard D. and June C. Mueller to By Brad Brown LLC, 511 Swan Court, Fortville, $210,000.

Katie English and John English and Jamie Klennert to Chester W. and Nan R. Bussert, 4919 W. Congress, Sugar Creek Township, $183,000.

Matthew E. Speck to William and Stephanie Gannon, 4905 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $175,000.

Aug. 28

Eric W. and Kris A. Spicer to Broadway Flats LP, 210 Center St., Greenfield, $300,000.

Jason P. O’Neal to Terran R. Molden and Sally A. Molden, 219 E. E St., Wilkinson, $63,001.

Ernest Jr. and Burna D. Bowles Living Trust and Vicki L. Chew to Ashley N. Strater and Vicki Chew, 2544 N. County Road 700W, Buck Creek Township, $99,000.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Faith Hager, 8671 N. County Road 500W, Vernon Township, $41,700.

Aug. 29

Amy B. and Michael D. Campbell to Property Owner 3 LLC, 6762 W. Kingston Dr., Buck Creek Township, $157,300.

Simple Quarters LLC to By Brad Brown LLC, 420 Indiana St., Greenfield, $37,000.

Richard D. and Debbie Colley, 3960 S. Harting Farms Dr., New Palestine, $223,000.

Harbour Portfolio VIII LP to Galveston Title Holding Trust, 504 E. Staat St., Fortville, $12,331.

Brian M. and Erica Black to Delmar L. Black, 364 Ashby Drive, Greenfield, $60,000.

Paula Sklorenko to James L. and Joy R. Pittman, 12219 Dunbar Circle North, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $136,500.

Leanne Hanson Life Estate for Richard L. Sylvester to Virginia Barrios, 418 E. Monroe St., Fortville, $109,900.

Rhea A. Combs to Judith A. Wilkinson, 123 N. Swope St., Greenfield, $43,000.

Rick S. and Mary Ann Mohler to Thomas J. and Jill A. Hebbe, 306 Woodland East Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $228,900.