Real Estate – October 27

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 10

LHF 4 Assets LLC to HOME SFR Borrower III LLC, 664 Florence Dr., Greenfield, $132,665.

Shallis Partnership to MHPM LLC, 1119 E. Sixth St., Greenfield, $168,000.

Erin Green to Morgan and Stacey L. Keller, 4298 W. Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $145,000.

Douglas K. and Barbara J. Herendeen Revocable Trust to David and Deborah Hull, 1356 E. Buttercup Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $192,000.

Aug. 11

Charles K. and Gina M. Bradburn to Tyler E. combs and Kelly A. Combs and Eileen M. Bowen, 5756 N. Plymouth Court, Buck Creek Township, $167,000.

Renee C. Matijega to Tyler J. Wilcher and Hannah M. Holman, 6793 W. Colonial Drive, Buck Creek Township, $213,000.

Jennifer Chambers to James R. Johnson, 6205 W. County Road 300S, Sugar Creek Township, $150,000.

CSMA BLT LLC to CSMA SFR Holdings II _ LSE LLC, 874 Sycamore Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $154,135.

Stephen W. and Candice E. Short to Benjamin P. and Molly B. Flick, 547 S. Meadow Song Court, Sugar Creek Township, $259,900.

Thomas E. and Haila J. O’Neill to Warren R. Howard, 567 W. Weber Road, Brandywine Township, $160,500.

Aug. 14

Richard F. and Twana Messer to Andrew and Sara Gibson, 1010 Portalan Drive, Buck Creek Township, $154,900.

Joseph B. and Theresa A. Moorman to Jeffrey W. Napier, 1352 Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $177,000.

Thomas A. and Amber Crouch to Isaiah Ernst and Jaclyn Lanthier, 12106 Emory Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $197,000.

Lori K. Childers to Elizabeth E. Scarbrough, 814 School St., Greenfield, $98,900.