School announces changes to campus parking, walkways

CHARLOTTESVILLE – In an effort to improve campus safety and security, Eastern Hancock Community School Corporation advises parents and visitors of changes in parking and pedestrian walkways on the school campus.

New stop signs are being placed in the newly painted pedestrian crosswalk outside of doors 14 and 16 at the high school and outside door 26 in the back of the elementary school. The pedestrian crosswalk should be used to get from the parking lot to the front of the elementary school when parking in front of the building.

Additionally, three distinct lanes are marked at the main entrance to the high school parking lot: one lane is to enter campus and two lanes are to exit to the left or to the right as marked.

New fire lanes are now located along the entire west end of the high school. Going forward, during the school day and evening events, no parking will be allowed next to the sidewalk. This area must remain open for emergency vehicles only. Accessible parking spaces are available in all parking lots. Those needing special assistance to enter the building should contact the appropriate building in advance and arrangements will be made for assistance.