Real Estate – October 11

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

July 17

David R. and Wendy B. Parish to Shanon O. and Angie Redmon, 2559 S. Parkview Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $482,900.

Rhea E. Combs Living Trust to Dustin J. Portmess, 2697 S. Meridian Road, Brandywine Township, $145,000.

Michael D. Robinson to Bradley R. and Mary E. Smith, 3384 S. Applegate Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $220,000.

July 18

Evelyn Thompson to Robert A. and Michele M. Spriggs, 2140 E. Mill Blvd., Center Township, $174,000.

Harry M. and Dodi L. Chase to Nicholas T. Green, 3616 Cranberry Drive, Center Township, $385,000.

Patrick and Elaine McDowell to John Corvette, 1286 N. Blue Spruce Court, Buck Creek Township, $322,000.

Lee B. and Amanda D. Beavers to Roxanna Bova, 53 S. East St., Jackson Township, $91,000.

Keith and Tina McClain to New Century Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-2, 2954 High Acres East St., Sugar Creek Township, $142,500.

July 19

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert A. May, 1652 E. County Road 400N, Center Township, $136,000.

Eagleston Farms Inc. to Oakdale Square Apts. LLC, E. County Road 300N, Greenfield, $1,200,000.

Anthony W. and Terri Willits to Richard L. Lavish Jr. and Lisa M. Del’ve-Lavish, 7680 W. Old Colony Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $307,444.

Jerry Mitchell to Denver Lee, 10015 N. Balfer Drive East, Vernon Township, $150,000.

Corey Shirley and Crystal N. Hewett to James P. and Mandy K. Bowers, 3314 N. County Road 50E, Center Township, $244,900.

Brian A. Kramer to Amanda S. Curry 924 S. Windhaven Court, Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Darrell F. Cole II to Robert N. and Gina D. Caird, 1274 S. Harmony Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $235,000.

Mitford Homes Inc. to Stephen and Lakin R. Daugherty, 4790 W. County Road 100S, Sugar Creek Township, $348,500.

Brian A. Kramer to Amanda S. Curry and Deborah Curry, 924 S. Windhaven Court, Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Gregory M. and Christie A. Murphy to Karen D. McFarland, 417 Emerson Drive, Fortville, $112,500.

July 20

Simon S. and Laura R. Ross to Richard A. and Anna R. Main, 3629 N. Forest Lane, Center Township, $221,000.

Richard L. and Sheryl Prehara to Melissa S. Patel, 7570 E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $162,000.

Thomas and Virginia Burgess to Tyler P. and Carrie L. Alexander, 2010 Alexandria Drive, Buck Creek Township, $208,000.

Vic Holley to Samuel T. Balbach, 5340 U.S. Highway 40 East, Jackson Township, $123,000.

Gregory S. and Jolene E. Ensign to Doug Hamilton, 9870 N. County Road 600E, Green Township, $304,000.