Letter: Mainstream media has already lost integrity

To the Editor,

Ian Hutchison is worried about the integrity of the press (“Americans must protect integrity of the press,” Sept. 14, A6) and thinks that all of us citizens need to be vigilant in protecting it.

I agree that we should worry about the integrity of the American press. It is a bit tiresome to be lectured on this topic when clearly the press has already lost its integrity due to its own actions.

Let see, NBC News once upon a time rigged explosions in pickup trucks in their reporting, attempting to show them as unsafe. Google it.

How about ABC News settling out of court for defamation in a $1.9 billion lawsuit for its “pink slime” reporting? Google it.

Why was it that Dan Rather was fired from CBS News — something about false reporting? Google it.

Brian Williams of NBC News was suspended for lying on air and then rehired by MSNBC, which has even lower standards. Google it.

Katie Couric practiced manipulative editing of a news item that purported to show supporters of a cause she opposed go silent when she asked “tough” questions. They didn’t – that was the manipulative editing. Google it.

The New York Times was recently sued by Sarah Palin for libel, but the judge ruled that they were only “negligent”. Google it.

The Rolling Stone was sued for defamation for the false accusations of rape at the University of Virginia. Google it.

Could it be that CNN’s Donna Brazile was feeding Hillary Clinton debate questions prior to the debate, i.e. helping her cheat? Google it.

CNN retracted a story on President Trump regarding the Russia allegations. Three reporters were forced to resign. Google it.

These are just a small sampling of the chicanery that the modern American press practices. No need for the American people to worry about the American press losing its integrity; it has already lost it.

If the press would like to do a little honest investigative reporting on who is to blame, I suggest that they start that investigation by looking in the mirror. And no, Ian, I didn’t miss the point of your column, I just wanted to redirect to where the real concern should actually be.

Having a press that is dishonest, biased, non-objective and pushing a political agenda isn’t any better than having no press at all. Possibly worse.

Ken Schafer