Marriage Licenses – September 22

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Aug. 11

Franklin O. Caudell, Fortville, to Kimberlie M. Dillard, Fortville.

Rodney D. Lacour, Fishers, to Brittany H. Wickliff, Greenfield.

Nathaniel H. Terry, Greenfield, to Tabitha M. Horton, Greenfield.

James C. Ries, Greenfield, to Brooke W. Spurling, Greenfield.

Jeremy D. Handley, Greenfield, to Amy L. Smith, Greenfield.

Kevin Bates, McCordsville, to Tina Ford, McCordsville.

Aug. 14

Randi Kleiman, Greenfield, to Brennan Portz, West Chester, Ohio.

Brittany R. Zentz, Greenfield, to Cody A. Martin, Greenfield.

James E. Sanders, Daleville, to Loreyne M. Hunter, Greenfield.

Olivia R. Johnson, McCordsville, to Andrew H. Moss, Converse, Texas.

Aug. 15

Emily E. Curry, New Palestine, to Kevin K. Eibner, Greenfield.

Aug. 16

Robert J. Lee, McCordsville, to Mickie L. Archuleta, McCordsville.

Aug. 17

Ryan J. Englund, Fortville, to Megan N. Smith, Fortville.

Brandon L. Reed, Greenfield, to Kayla Pratley, Greenfield.

Nicholas B. Ramsey, Greenfield, to Jessica L. Anderson, Greenfield.

Dakota M. Lilly, Greenfield, to Jordyn K. Taylor, Indianapolis.

Aug. 18

Keith A. Roseman, New Palestine, to Kimberly L. Sutton, New Palestine.

Charlotte G. Thurston, Greenfield, to Luis H. Solorzano, Greenfield.

Spencer T. Moon, McCordsville, to Taylor D. Hartman, McCordsville.

Jody D. Lambert, New Palestine, to Eric J. Hobein, New Palestine.

Aug. 21

Megan E. Hall, Shirley, to Travis J. Varga, Greenfield.

Anthony D. Alderson, Bargersville, to Kelli A. Woodburn, Greenfield.

Thomas W. Ackerly Jr., Greenfield, to Debra L. Vandevender, Greenfield.

Marion H. Hammond, Greenfield, to Deanna E. Titus, Greenfield.

Aug. 22

James W. Batts, Greenfield, to Cheryl L. Box, Greenfield.

Henry Mayer, Greenfield, to Melissa Richards, Greenfield.

Aug. 23

Evan L. Elkins, McCordsville, to Chelsea A. Hancock, McCordsville.

Dredon O. Barnes, Greenfield, to Heather B. Ratliff, Richmond.

Robert E. Bogner, Fountaintown, to Kelly L. Canary, Fountaintown.

Aug. 24

Ryan C. Mount, Greenfield, to Olivia M. Vanderperk, Greenfield.

Bobbi L. Gordon, Greenfield, to Christopher H. Poland II, Greenfield.

Aug. 25

Gregory B. Shamblin, McCordsville, to Angela M. Mullin-Jackson, McCordsville.

David T. Heberling, Greenfield, to Rhonda R. Long, Greenfield.

Courtney N. Baldwin, New Palestine, to Jason E. Grinstead, New Palestine.

Kourtney Kelty, Fortville, to Jason Collins, Greenfield.

Katie Britton, Greenfield, to Jason Maroska, Greenfield.

Daniel A. Ott, Greenfield, to Susan D. Jenkins, Greenfield.

Cody A. Morton, McCordsville, to Lauren A. Beckley, McCordsville.