Sound Off – September 16

•Perhaps the Hillary Clinton supporters should calm down their post-election tirade in the interests of public safety.

•Golf carts buzzing around Greenfield? Will they have seat belts, insurance, lights? Maybe before we allow that, we should take back our main roads like State Street and Franklin where the big trucks can get up to 50-60 miles per hour if they hit the lights right!

•Was in Fishers in Nickel Plate amphitheater — nice, real nice. Greenfield should take a look at this.

•Here is a wild idea: let’s keep God/Jesus or any other deity in your church and in your home. Public schools are for academics. No conflict, and everyone can worship whoever they so choose.

•I am shooting my Ruger Blackhawk Elite airgun this weekend, the quiet and civilized way to maintain my marksmen skills and have fun target-shooting in the country — a courtesy that I wish others in my neighborhood would extend. Get one at Walmart, and leave the hunting rifle and handgun in a safe where they belong.

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