Restaurant Inspections – September 15

The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually and violations are determined as “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection Reports.

July 12

Mom & Pop’s Grocery

Location: 203 S. Main St., Maxwell

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – raw hamburger stored above ready-to-eat foods, corrected; NC/R – clean under equipment and wipe down containers that have food/debris, to be corrected by Oct. 1.

Sushi Kabar – Meijer Store

Location: 631 W. Broadway St., McCordsville

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – hand sinks must only be used for hand-washing, corrected; C – sanitize handles of refrigeration units every four hours if going to touch food between opening, corrected.


Location: 100 W. North St., Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

No violations found.

Riley Pool

Location: 300 N. Apple St., Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – chili sauce and nacho cheese not hot enough, corrected; C – need to change gloves before handling food after contaminating gloves, use tongs as much as possible, corrected; C – spray bottles containing chemicals must be labeled with common name, corrected; NC – need sanitizing strips to confirm correct concentration, to be corrected by Aug. 10.

Wings, Etc. Grill and Pub

Location: 1925 Melody Lane, Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations found: C – must have date-marked spinach dip when pre-portioning in bowls, corrected; C/R – food contact surfaces of utensils/knives, hot holding covers need to be clean to sight and touch. Clean shelf/ledge of prep unit where knives are stored, must use clean and sanitized pan/squeeze bottles when refilling – do not refill in soiled pan/squeeze bottles, to be corrected by July 12; NC/R – clean food debris from black containers under hand sink by walk-in cooler in kitchen, clean floor and corners to remove debris and build-up, clean interior of drawers under grill, door handles of prep units, microwave, etc. to remove build-up, to be corrected by Oct. 1; NC – wall, floor and coving in mop sink area needs to be cleaned to remove mold-like substance, coving needs to be replaced and repaired, to be corrected by Oct. 1.